Messages in Development

Updated on 31 May 2001
D Group
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CHAMAP Chart of mappings message D14 PDF
COLADV Advice of a documentary collection D6 PDF
CURRAC Current account message D6 PDF
DATRAK Data tracking message D13 PDF
IFTMSC Single consignment forwarding and transport message D4 PDF
IHCEBI Interactive health insurance eligibility and benefits inquiry and response message D11 PDF
ITRGRP In transit groupage message D1 PDF
JIBILL Joint interest billing report D12 PDF
MEDADR Medical adverse drug reaction message D11 PDF
MEDAUT Medical pre-authorisation message D11 PDF
MESGEV Social event message D12 PDF
MIGRPT Message implementation guide (MIG) report message D13 PDF
PCPRDR Property and casualty property damage report D9 PDF
PROLST Promotional list message D2 PDF
SCRIPT Prescriptions and refill request and response - interactive message message D11 PDF
SKDACK Schedule acknowledgement - interactive message D10 PDF
SSCLDE Social security claim decision message D12 PDF
SSDREQ Social security data request message D12 PDF
TESTEX Test message explicit mode D6 PDF
TESTIM Test message implicit mode D6 PDF
TINREQ Tourism information request message D10 PDF
TINRSP Tourism information response message D10 PDF
TRADES Traffic or travel description definition message D4 PDF
TRADIN Traffic or travel details of individual traveller message D4 PDF
TRAILS Traffic or travel route guidance and planning message D4 PDF
TRALOC Traffic or travel location definition message D4 PDF
TRAREQ Traffic or travel information request message D4 PDF
TRAVAK Traffic or travel information acknowledgement message D4 PDF
TRAVIN Traffic or travel situation information message D4 PDF