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last updated: 25 September 2003

A) The assessment results of DMRs from 1999 (sorted by assessment result and UN DMR number) can be browsed from the following links:

  1. T1 results for D.99b
  2. T1 results for D.00a
  3. T1 results for D.00b
  4. T1 results for D.01a (zipped .RTF file, 29KB)
  5. T1 results for D.01b (zipped .RTF file, 15KB)
  6. T1 results for D.01c (zipped .RTF file, 307KB)
  7. T1 results for D.02a (zipped .RTF file, 168KB)
  9. ATG1 results for D.03A (zipped ..XLS file, 19KB)
B) The assessment results of DMRs before 1999 can be browsed as follows:
  1. Select a range of DMRs from the list on the left of your screen!
    This list has two parts:
    - the first one groups all active DMRs by UN number;
    - the second part groups only the most recently updated DMRs by UN number.
  2. The "UN DMR" and the "Regional DMR" references are in the "DMR Ref." column.
  3. In the "Directory Object" column, the message tags are linked to the resp. message structures (if available).
    The messages not implemented are dimmed (grey).
  4. In the "Regional Statuses" column, the region is followed by the status and the date when the status was assigned.
    In case there are remarks about the status, the region will have a link to those remarks, and will be displayed in the bottom-right frame.