With any additional questions and comments, please contact UNECE Multiplier Point Coordinator, using the menu on the right.

How are materials delivered to Multiplier Points: by mail or in electronic version?

For documents we normally have materials available in both formats and while we can deliver some copies in paper format (depending upon the stock of printed copies available), our preference is to deliver materials electronically. For publications Multiplier Point Centres need to negotiate on an individual basis with the publications service. For the purposes of translation into national languages, they may be willing to make an electronic version available.

The electronic copies of some documents and publications may be available in only one of the UNECE official languages: i.e. English, French and Russian.

How often is the list of publications and documents updated?

The list of documents and publications will be constantly extended and updated. In addition, if there is a topic of particular interest to a Multiplier Point organisation we can investigate as to whether any documents are available on that topic that could be added to the list.

However we would like to draw your attention to the difference between documents and publications as described in the terms of reference. You can freely disseminate, translate and distribute UNECE documents provided that you have complied with conditions stipulated in the terms of reference. With regard to publications you must sign a standard agreement with the UNECE Publication Service before translating them into local languages.

How do Multiplier Points report on their activities?

Multiplier Points will have the responsibility to report, on an annual basis:

    1. the number of copies of documents and publications they have distributed;
    2. how they have publicised or promoted UNECE work as a multiplier point;
    3. the types of users of publications and documents they contact regularly;
    4. any other UN initiatives they have participated in or contributed information to as a multiplier point.

The UNECE Secretariat provides a standard report form for this purpose to reduce as much as possible the time required.

Do you set any quotas for reaching a certain number of companies or users?

We do not set any quantitative limits or minimal results to be achieved. This would not be appropriate since we fully understand that the capacities of organisations based in different countries and towns to reach potential users are quite different.

However, our main objective is to help bridge the gap between work done at the UNECE and the many potential beneficiaries in member states. Therefore, we will evaluate the effectiveness of Multiplier Points in terms of their efforts to reach potential users, which may be private or public companies, local or regional authorities etc. If we believe that a Multiplier Point is not being sufficiently pro-active, then we will call this to their attention and discuss what action should be taken.

Who should we contact in order to receive authorization for translating UNECE publications?

With regard to publications, in order to translate or distribute them, you will need to negotiate on an individual basis with the UNECE publications service (Mr. Patrice Piguet, telephone +4122 9172612, fax +4122 9170817, and e-mail: ppiguet@unog.ch). For sale in the language(s) in which the publication is sold by the UN sales service, they will probably want you to sell the books already printed by the UN. However you will be offered price discounts and advantageous sales terms. As the publications service is interested in working with Multiplier Points, they will be cooperative in assisting you and maintaining the contacts with you.