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20 March 2000
         The TIR Executive Board, at its latest session, was informed that the Central Customs Administration of Ukraine has established a list of approved Customs offices of destination within both the TIR and national transit procedures. The comprehensive list, including addresses where goods and vehicles are to be presented for the purposes of control, was annexed to Order No. 721 as of 15 November 1999 of the Central Customs Administration of Ukraine and may be obtained from the TIR secretariat.
         One of the items of the above order determines a procedure to be applied by Customs at the point of destination. As soon as the transport operator hands all relevant documents over to the Customs officer on duty, the latter shall stamp each document with a special stamp "Under Customs control" and fill in three copies of a list of these documents. Each copy shall be signed by the Customs officer and the driver and is stamped with the above stamp. One copy of the list and one copy of each document shall be returned to the driver as confirmation that the documents have been taken by the Customs. For further information on the issue please contact the TIR secretariat.