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Questionnaire on national control measures


Country Convoys Service Physical Additional Possibility of carrying out
    charge inspection certificates a TIR operation by non-holder
1 2 3 4 5 6
Austria No   No No No
Azerbaijan No   Yes No No
Belarus Yes 1 $ per km Yes Yes No
Belgium No   Yes No No
Bulgaria Yes Not indicated Yes No No
Croatia No   Yes No No
Cyprus No   Yes No Yes
Czech Republic Yes 530 $ for whole trip Yes No No
Denmark No   No No Yes
Estonia No   No No No
Finland No   Yes No Yes
France No   Yes No No
Georgia Yes free of charge Yes Yes No
Germany No   Yes No No
Greece No   No No No
Hungary No   Yes Yes No
Iran No   Yes No Yes
Ireland No   Yes Yes No
Italy No   Yes No No
Jordan Yes 15 $ for whole trip Yes No Yes
Kuwait No   Yes No Yes
Latvia No   Yes No No
Lithuania Yes 0.3 $ per km Yes No No
Luxembourg No   Yes No No
Maroc No   Yes No No
Netherlands No   No No Yes
Norway Yes free of charge Yes No Yes
Poland Yes 0.6 $/km or 380 $ for trip Yes No Yes
Portugal No   No Yes No
Romania Yes 0.4 $ per km Yes No No
Russian Federation Yes 60 - 200 $ for whole trip Yes Yes No
Slovenia No   Yes No No
Sweden No   No No Yes
Switzerland No   Yes No Yes
The FYR Macedonia No   Yes No Yes
Tunisie No   Yes No No
Turkey Yes Not indicated Yes Yes Yes
Ukraine Yes 1.3 $ per km Yes No No
United Kingdom No   Yes No Yes
Uzbekistan No   Yes Yes No