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Procedure at Customs offices of destination

23 March 2000

The UN/ECE Working Party on Customs Questions affecting Transport, at its February 2000 session has approved the following procedure with a view to reducing the possibilities for fraudulent discharge of TIR Carnets at Customs offices of destination.

This procedure will be included as a comment into the TIR Handbook and will read as follows:

"Improved procedures in the use of TIR Carnets by transport operators
In some Contracting Parties the transport operator does not have direct contacts with the competent Customs officials at the Customs office of destination before the consignee or his agents undertake the necessary Customs formalities for clearance of goods for home use or by any other Customs procedure following the TIR transit operation.

With a view to allowing the transport operator or his driver to verify that the TIR procedure is properly terminated by the competent Customs officials, the transport operator or his driver are allowed, if they so wish, to keep the TIR Carnet and to provide the consignee or his agents only with a copy of the yellow voucher No 1/No 2 (not for Customs use) in the TIR Carnet, together with any other required documentation.

Following the clearance of goods for home use or by any other Customs procedure, the transport operators or his driver should then proceed in person to the competent Customs officials to have his TIR Carnet certified."

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