Implementation and pilot operation

The development of THE PEP Clearing House was undertaken by UNECE and WHO/Europe secretariat under the supervision of a Task Force providing guidance on technical and policy aspects. The Task Force was established at the first session of THE PEP Steering Committee (Geneva, 10-11 April 2003), at which the overall project, concept and phased implementation approach of the Clearing House were endorsed.

At its second session (Geneva, 29-30 March 2004), the Steering Committee endorsed the conceptual design of the Clearing House, as well as its administrative and operational arrangements (see the report on the conceptual design and implementation arrangements ). It also established a Clearing House Advisory Board, whose mandate is set out in the addendum to the above report.

Phased implementation of the Clearing House started in April 2004. At the third session (Geneva, 11-12 March 2005) the Steering Committee endorsed the work carried out by the secretariat under the implementation phase (April-December 2004) and approved the planned activities for the pilot operation phase (2005) (see the report on implementation and pilot operation phases and its Addendum).

As of October 2004 and during its pilot operation phase, the Clearing House has become operational and was made accessible to selected users (THE PEP Focal Points) in order to test its functionalities and obtain user feedback. The Clearing House was officially launched on 6 December 2005 (see the UNECE press-release in En Fr Ru) and is available at