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ISBN 92-1-116715-9 United Nations Sales No.: English: E.99.II.E.13 Russian: R.99.II.E.13

International comparison of gross domestic product in Europe:
  • Highlights of the ECP 1996
  • The concept of purchasing power parities (PPP)
  • Real values, volume indices and price level indices
  • Organisation of the comparison
  • Classification
  • Product selection
  • Price surveys
  • Specific headings (housing rents; non-market services)
  • Calculation of PPPs (parities for basic headings; aggregation; choice of numéraire country and currency)
  • Combining results for three groups of countries
  • Notes on the interpretation of comparison results
  • ANNEX A: List of references
  • ANNEX B: Summary and detailed tables
  • ANNEX C: Trends in relative GDP per capita
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