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Migration statistics

We contribute to improving the quality and availability of statistics on international migration by developing common definitions and methods, and promoting them across the UNECE region. We organize a number of expert group meetings, capacity-building workshops and methodological task forces to achieve these goals.

We aim to:

  • improve the availability and the quality of migration data derived from population censuses and household surveys
  • improve the use of administrative data to produce international migration data
  • provide technical assistance to improve migration data by improving existing sources and increasing data exchange within and between countries

Task Forces


Task Force on Measuring Circular Migration

Task Force on Measurement of Socio-Economic Conditions of Migrants


Task Force on Improving Migration and Migrant Data Using Household Surveys and Other Sources (Suitland Working Group)

Task Force on the analysis of international migration estimates using different length of stay definitions

Task Force on Measuring Emigration Using Data Collected by the Receiving Country


Practical Guide for Countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia on Migration Statistics (available in English and Russian) (2011)

Review of Sources and Quality of Statistics on International Migration (15 MB) (2011)

Guidelines for Exchanging Data to Improve Emigration Statistics (2.9 MB) (2010)

Seminar on measuring population movement and integration in a globalized world (CES plenary session, June 2008)

Migratory - an online inventory of sources on migration in Europe, Central Asia and North America

Clearing House on Migration Statistics - an online data repository which includes basic migration data from twelve countries in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

Meetings and events

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