Health statistics

We work towards improving international comparability of health status statistics in the UNECE region.

The UNECE work in the area of health statistics focuses on the concept, measurement and reporting of health status, and developing common core measures to guarantee international comparability of statistics on health status. To achieve this goal, the Budapest Initiative, a joint effort of UNECE, WHO and Eurostat, in partnership with the Washington Group on Disability Statistics developed a common instrument to measure health status in its multiple dimensions. The Survey Module for Measuring Health State contains a set of questions on health state, to enable the production of internationally comparable measurements for this topic. It reflects the work of the Budapest Initiative Task Force, composed of experts from many countries and international organizations. The Budapest Initiative recommends the inclusion of these questions in health interview surveys, organised at the national or international level, and encourages users to share their results and evaluations of the collected data.


Survey Module for Measuring Health State

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