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New Challenges in Economic Statistics Capacity building programme 2010-2012

We offer support to the National Statistical Offices of Central Asian and Eastern European countries, and Mongolia in economic statistics. The programme supports sharing of experiences and building of networks of experts in the region. 

You can download the Capacity Building Programme 2011-2012 in English and Russian.

Workshop I - Short-Term Economic Statistics (STS) and Seasonal Adjustment

14-17 March, 2011 (Astana, Kazakhstan)

Topics covered:

  • Why are short-term statistics important?
  • Use of multiple data sources
  • Methodology of compilation of STS
  • Dissemination
  • Seasonal adjustment in practice
  • Exercises on seasonal adjustment of time series

The workshop discussed the production of short-term economic statistics, time series, seasonal adjustment methods and dissemination practices. It was attended by 38 national experts from 12 different countries. 

Workshop II - Challenges in Consumer Price Indices

Istanbul, Turkey, 10-13 October 2011
Joint organizer: Turkish Statistical Institute 

Topics covered:

  • Calculation of elementary and higher-level indices
  • Owner occupied housing in the CPI
  • The coverage of goods and services
  • Seasonal products and missing prices 
  • Adjustment for quality changes

This workshop was based on the international CPI Manual and country practices: it focused on the implementation of recommended methods and included practical exercises.

Workshop III – Implementation of the 2008 System of National Accounts

Kiev, Ukraine, 29 November - 2 December 2011
Joint organizers States Statistics Committee of Ukraine, United Nations Statistical Division and the European Free Trade Association

Topics covered:

  • The main issues of the 2008 SNA and specific challenges of the region
  • How to implement the 2008 SNA?
  • Developing of related primary statistics
  • Developing implementation plans

The workshop focused on the challenges for transition economies in the implementation of the 2008 System of National Accounts. It supported countries in establishing implementation plans for the 2008 SNA and in improving related primary statistics.

Workshop IV - Training in Seasonal Adjustment

Ankara, Turkey, 20-23 February 2012

This workshop is a continuation of the first workshop in seasonal adjustment, and will tackle more the methodological and practical issues. The purpose of seasonal adjustment is to provide faster indication of economic changes and to simplify information so that it can be more easily interpreted in policy making. Countries will discuss their experiences and problems with seasonal adjustment.

Practical information

Additional meetings or workshops on topical issues in economic statistics will be announced later.

During the workshops, we will provide:

  • training and exercises
  • discussion of current problems and possible solutions for improving statistics, based on international recommendations and standards
  • translation English - Russian

For further information, please email anu.peltola@unece.org.