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67th plenary session of the Conference of European Statisticians

26 - 28 June 2019

OECD, Paris



Document Title
 Provisional Annotated Agenda ENG  FRA RUS -- -- --
 Information Note PDF -- -- -- -- --
 Provisional Programme  ENG --RUS
Seminar I - New Data Sources - Accessibility and use
   A.  Session 1: Accessing new data sources
20   Access to Big Data for statistical purposes (Germany) ENG FRERUS
31   Five experiences in using new data sources in Mexico ENG ----
32   Integrating alternative data sources into official statistics - a system design approach (Eurostat) ENG ----
34   "You say you want a (data) revolution": A proposal to use unofficial statistics for the SDG Global Indicator Framework (UNCTAD) ENG ----
 33   A statistical approach to Big Data (Norway) ENG ----
 30  Experiences and challenges on the use of new data sources in Statistics Korea  ENG ----
39  Statistical quality and new data sources - lessons from the work of OECD ENG
 40  Application of alternative data sources in official statistics - the case of Hungary ENG ----
   B.  Session 2: Skills needed to use new data sources 
23   New competencies needed to work with Big Data - lessons learnt so far (Slovenia) ENG FRERUS
24   Improving data integration with the help of Global Statistical Geospatial Framework (Sweden) ENG FRARUS
Rules governing the work of the Conference and its Bureau
  2   Rules and procedures governing the work of the CES ENG FRERUS
Reports, guidelines and recommendations prepared under the umbrella of the Conference
Recommendations on the role of official statistics in Measuring hazardous events and disasters ENG FRERUS
 6  Recommendations for Measuring Older Populations in Institutions ENG FRERUS
Guidelines on producing leading, composite and sentiment indicators ENG FRERUS
Satellite Account for Education and Training: Compilation Guide ENG FRERUS
Strategic Communications Framework for Statistical Institutions (HLG-MOS)ENGFRERUS
Strategic partnerships
Statistics for Sustainable Development Goals
Principles for rotation of members from the UNECE region of Inter-agency and Expert Group on SDG indicators and HLG on Partnership, Cooperation and Capacity Building for the 2030 Agenda ENG FRERUS
Seminar II - Emerging role of national statistical offices as offices for statistics and data
Session 1 - Emerging data system opportunities and issues
21  Towards certification of new statistics of public interest: why, how? (France) ENG FRERUS
22  Emerging roles of national statistical offices as offices for statistics and data (Denmark)  ENG FRERUS
25  The role of national statistical systems in the new data ecosystem ENG FRERUS
26  The same role but changing function?  The consequences of datafication for official statistics ENG FRERUS
27  Enabling ethically appropriate uses of data for research and statistics for the public good (United Kingdom) ENG FRERUS
Session II - Approaches to data system stewardship 
28  Broadening our role as a national statistical office - New Zealand's journey so far ENG FRERUS
29  Decision making support system as a policy tool - Serbian experience ENG FRERUS
Selection of Topics for seminars to take place during the 2020 plenary session of the CES
Coordination of international statistical work in the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Matters arising from the 68th session of the Economic Commission for Europe and the 50th session of the United Nations Statistical Commission
Programme of Work of the Statistics subprogramme of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe