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Workshop on Gender Statistics

13 - 14 May 2019

Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Workshop on Gender Statistics for Countries of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia: Finding and Filling Gaps in Gender Statistics for SDG Monitoring

See also Work Session on Gender Statistics

Document Title
Report of the workshop PDF PDF
Part 1: Identifying gaps - Meeting the needs of policymakers
Assessing policymakers’ needs for gender statistics: examples from a UNECE Task Force
Country experience: Azerbaijan PDF PDF
Country experience: Albania PDF PDF
Regional experience: CIS-Stat PDF PDF
Part 2: Filling gaps - Entrepreneurship statistics with a gender dimension
Introduction to entrepreneurship statistics: why a gender dimension is important

Introduction to entrepreneurship statistics: how to integrate a gender dimension
Country experience: Republic of Moldova – first results from an enterprise survey PDFPDF
Country experience: Belarus – producing and communicating women’s entrepreneurship statistics PDFPDF
Country experience: Armenia – progress since 2014 national workshop PDFPDF
Country experience: Kazakhstan – plans for a pilot study in 2019 PDFPDF
Part 3: Filling gaps - Measuring women's representation in local government
Introducing indicator 5.5.1(b): rationale and methodology
UN Women
Data collection in the UNECE region: lessons learned and findings
UN Women and UNECE
Country experience: Georgia PDFPDF
Country experience: Kazakhstan PDFPDF
Part 4: Visit to the Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland
Gender Equality in Switzerland: improvements made but still a work in progress PDFPDF
Gender-specific differences in attitudes towards diversity and in experience of discrimination in Switzerland PDFPDF
Religion, spirituality and gender in Switzerland PDFPDF