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Work Session on Gender Statistics

15 - 17 May 2019

Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Online registration: bit.ly/unecegenderstats2019register

See also Workshop on Gender Statistics for countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia

 Document TitleDocumentsPresentations
  Logistical information note PDF -- -- -- -- --
  Timetable (final version updated 10 May) PDF -- PDF -- -- --
Agenda PDF PDF PDF -- -- --
Use of gender statistics in policymaking and policy monitoring 
WP1 Gender equality in Finland in the light of the Gender Equality Barometer 2017  
Marjut Pietiläinen, Henna Attila & Miina Keski-Petäjä, Finland
WP2 Bridging the gap between the national and local levels in policy making and monitoring. The case of equal pay policy 
Oliver Schröter, Switzerland
WP3 Voices of statistics users: interviews from a gender point of view
Cristina Freguja & Sara Demofonti, Italy
WP4 Setting the policy agenda through measuring and reporting on equality and human rights
Karen Hurrell, United Kingdom
WP5 Gender Policy Monitoring in Higher Education Institutions
Vera Herrmann, Elena Zafarana, Mehmet Aksözen & Merlina Bajic, Switzerland
WP6 Measuring gender-based discrimination in social institutions to inform policy-making
Alejandra Meneses, OECD Development Centre
Communicating gender statistics
WP7 Communicating Gender Statistics: challenges, solutions and best practices. Interim report of a UNECE Task Force
Helen Cahill, Ireland, on behalf of the Task Force on communicating gender statistics
WP8 Interactive Map on Gender Equality in Municipalities: facilitating effective use of gender statistics 
Dovilė Galdauskaitė, Lithuania
WP9 Science Slams – new concept for presenting gender statistics
Mehmet Aksözen, Elena Zafarana, Merlina Bajic & Vera Hermann, Switzerland
WP10 Developing Gender Statistics in Georgia
Lia Charekishvili, Georgia
WP11 Dissemination Strategy for Statistics on Gender-Based Violence in Italy
Maria Giuseppina Muratore and Claudia Villante, Italy
WP12 Communicating on gender differences in earnings: Beyond the Gender Pay Gap
Denis Leythienne, Piotr Ronkowski & Javier Alcantara Ortega, Eurostat
Implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda from the gender perspective

UNECE Initiatives in support of Statistics for SDGs
Fiona Willis-Núñez, UNECE

WP13 How to integrate a gender perspective in the national monitoring of the SDGs? 
Vincent Willi & André de Montmollin, Switzerland
WP14 Gender Statistics in Mexico: From 1996 to the Challenges of implementing the Agenda 2030
Adriana Oropeza, Mexico
WP16 Comparing Global Gender Inequality Indices: What can they tell us about development?
Nour Barnat, Anu Peltola & Steve MacFeely UNCTAD


WP17 Measuring gender differences in multidimensional child poverty: methodological considerations for tracking progress toward SDG 1 
Enrique Delamonica, Lauren Pandolfelli & José Espinoza Delgado, UNICEF
WP19 Follow-up of the SDGs from a gender perspective in Latin America and the Caribbean
Lucía Scuro & Iliana Vaca-Trigo, UNECLAC
Economic empowerment and intra-household power
WP20 Measuring Intra-household Power and Decision-making: findings and recommendations of a UNECE Task Force
Pierre Turcotte, Canada, on behalf of the Task Force on measuring intra-household power & decision-making
WP21 Decision-making within dwellings: two inquiries
Arcelia Breceda-Solís, Mexico
WP22 Gender wage differences and their determinates in Italy
Alessandra Masi & Nicoletta Pannuzi, Italy
WP23 Intra-household decision-making in Belarus Living standards Survey
Elena Kukharevich, Belarus
WP24 Measuring within household inequality using the Individual Deprivation Measure
Carol McInerney & Kylie Fisk, International Women's Development Agency
Gender and trade statistics

Gender and trade: data needs and challenges for the EU
Liva Andersone, European Commission

WP25 UNCTAD draft conceptual framework for gender-in-trade
Anu Peltola & Steve MacFeely, UNCTAD
WP26 The role of gender in trade – evidence from linking Finnish microdata on employees and entrepreneurs 
Henri Luomaranta, Finland
WP27 Women in Global Value Chains
Nadim Ahmad, OECD
WP28 The Gender Disaggregated Labour Database and Gender and Trade Report
Maria Liungman and Israel Osorio-Rodarte, the World Bank Group
Institutional mechanisms to support gender statistics
WP30 Institutional mechanisms to support gender statistics in Albania
Blerina Metanj, Albania
WP31 Framework for Identifying Gender Statistics Gaps
Liliana Suchodolska, Paris21

Gender statistics in Kazakhstan: Institutional and legislative mechanisms
Ainur Dossanova, Kazakhstan

 Measuring gender identity
WP32 Testing questions about sex and gender identity and creating supporting material
Linda Björneskog, Sweden
WP33 Methodological issues related to sensitive questions: a focus on sexual orientation and gender self identification
Maria Clelia Romano, Gabriella Fazzi, Serena Liani & Simona Rosati, Italy
WP34 CES In-depth review on measuring gender identity
Heather Lathe & Melissa Randall (on behalf of a team of experts from Canada & United Kingdom)
Emerging issues and international initiatives in gender statistics
Improving evidence on gender concerns including on unpaid care and domestic work
Mehmet Sökeli, UNSD
The UNECE Gender Statistics Database
Patrick Hernusi, UNECE
Gender statistics priorities for the UNECE region
Proposals from the Steering Group on Gender Statistics