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Workshop on Disseminating, Communicating and Using Gender Statistics in Kyrgyzstan

29 - 31 May 2018

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


 Document TitleDocuments/
Workshop programme PDF PDF
Logistical information note PDF PDF
Session 1: Using gender statistics: A UNECE toolkit for training data users
Context of the toolkit: UNECE work on gender statistics
Content of the UNECE toolkit
Session 2: Gender statistics for the SDGs
Session 3: Dissemination and Communication
Thinking like a journalist
Communicating gender statistics: the experience of the Republic of Moldova
Current practices and future plans for communicating gender statistics in Kyrgyzstan
Session 4: Gender statistics on health
Gender and health presentation
Gender and health practical exercises
Session 5: Gender statistics on work and economic activity
Measuring work and economic activity with a gender perspective: presentation
Measuring work and economic activity with a gender perspective: practical exercises
Session 6: Selecting, using and interpreting gender statistics
Understanding gender statistics
Session 7: Dialogue with users in government agencies and NGOs
Interactive review
Session 8: Gender and statistics
Basic skills in gender statistics
Measuring the population
Telling stories with data
Session 9: Producer-user dialogue
Interactive review