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UNECE-Eurostat Work Session on Migration Statistics

24 - 26 October 2018


Link for Online Meeting Registration: https://uncdb.unece.org/app/ext/meeting-registration?id=iTQgfo

Guidelines for Online Meeting Registration: https://wiki.unece.org/display/OMR/Online+Meeting+Registration+Guidelines

 Document Title
Information Note
Call for Papers
Session 1 - Opening
1 Provisional Agenda PDF PDF
Timetable PDF PDF
Session 2 - Use of longitudinal data for migration statistics
2 The German Central Register of Foreigners as a longitudinal data source (Federal Statistical Office of Germany)



3 Duration of the migratory episodes: procedure of calculation and results (Spain National Statistics Institute) PDF PDF PDF
4 Circular migration: new migration topics and revised tables (Eurostat)



5 Update from the Task Force on the Use of Longitudinal Data for Migration Statistics PDF
Session 3 - Integration of data from censuses, administrative sources and surveys for measuring migration
6 Replacing immigration questions with administrative data for the Canadian Census of Population (Statistics Canada) PDF
7 Youth emigration - combining administrative and survey data (Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia / University of Latvia) PDF PDF PDF
8 Using administrative data sources to improve our understanding of movements of international migrants within the UK (Office for National Statistics, UK) PDF PDF PDF
9 Estimates of refugees from survey data by incorporating administrative data (U.S. Census Bureau) PDF PDF PDF
10 Comparability of migration and residence permits data in EU statistics (Eurostat) PDF PDF PDF
11 Statistics on international migration in Russia: the current situation (Moscow State University) PDF PDF
Session 4 - Big data and migration
12 Invited talk: Big data and migration (Emilio Zagheni, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research)
13 Exploring international migration at sub-national scale: the Italian case (Italian National Institute of Statistics) PDF PDF
14 Big data for migration: promises and challenges of non-traditional data to complement migration statistics (European Commission/International Organization for Migration)
15 Measuring the relation between international mobility and migration through international air passengers' data (European Commission)
Session 5 - Labour migration
16 The measurement of labor migration to the United States (U.S. Census Bureau) PDF PDF PDF
17 Report from the Task Force on Measuring International Labour Mobility PDF
18 Statistical standards on international labour migration (International Labour Organization) Link
Session 6 - Asylum seekers and refugees
19 Foreigners seeking humanitarian protection: Measuring the stock of foreigners seeking humanitarian protection in Germany (Federal Statistical Office of Germany) PDF
20 Expert Group on Refugee and IDP Statistics (Egris): Recommendations on refugee statistics and ongoing work on measuring internally displaced persons
Session 7 - Global recommendations on migration statistics
21 Update of recommendations for international migration statistics (concept note) (UN Statistics Division) PDF PDF PDF
Session 8 - Future work
Presentation of the Steering Group's proposal