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Group of Experts on Population and Housing Censuses

26 - 28 September 2018



Link for Online Meeting Registration: https://uncdb.unece.org/app/ext/meeting-registration?id=dYv7sf

Guidelines for Online Meeting Registration: https://wiki.unece.org/display/OMR/Online+Meeting+Registration+Guidelines

Document Title
Documents Presentations
Annotated provisional agenda PDF PDF PDF -- -- --
Tentative Timetable PDF -- PDF -- -- --
Information Note PDF -- -- -- -- --
Call for Papers PDF -- -- -- -- --
Item 2. Methodology, new data sources including big data
3 Administrative data and sample surveys’ data usage for determination of the educational attainment of population in the register-based Population and Housing Census in Latvia (Latvia) PDF PDF PDF
9 Census Methodology in Estonia (Estonia) PDF PDF PDF
10 Use of mobile activity records to optimize the census data collection process: exploratory analysis for Bogota, Colombia (Colombia) PDF PDF PDF
15 Approach to using alternative data sources to support the 2021 Census in England and Wales (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) PDF PDF PDF
16 The evolutionary transition from the combined census to registers based census (Poland) PDF PDF PDF
20 Preliminary Experimental: Results on the Italian Population and Housing Census Estimation Methods (Italy) PDF PDF PDF

From physical area to virtual lists: Toward an administrative census in Israel (Israel)

-- FOR INFORMATION: UNECE Guidelines on the Use of Registers and Administrative Data for Population and Housing Censuses (final draft, September 2018) PDF
Item 3. Measurement of the quality of administrative sources for use in censuses
12 Status of ADMIN endeavours pertinent to the Task Force on measuring the quality of administrative sources for use in censuses (Eurostat) PDF PDF PDF
13 Development and implementation of census evaluation techniques integrating Administrative Registers (Colombia) PDF PDF PDF
Item 4. Future censuses beyond 2020
4 Envisioning the United States’ 2030 Census (United States) PDF PDF PDF
23 Plans for the 2021 EU census programme and for the development of European population statistics beyond 2021: an update PDF
Item 5. Technology
19 Towards the 2020 Population and Housing Census (Mexico) PDF PDF PDF
22 Colombia connected with the eCenso (electronic-census) (Colombia) PDF
Item 6. Dissemination
18 Plans for disseminating 2021 Census data for England and Wales (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) PDF PDF PDF
Item 7. Geo-spatial information
5 Use of geocoding technologies and administrative records for the georeferencing of the units of the 2018 National Population and Housing Census in Colombia (Colombia) PDF PDF PDF
6 The Italian Statistical Base Register of Territorial Entities (Italy) PDF PDF PDF
7 The development of the Istat GeoPortal (Italy) PDF PDF PDF
14 Validating the inputs used to create geo-referenced Census data (United States) PDF PDF PDF
Item 8. Census content: design of questionnaire for paper, internet and tablets; compliance with the CES Recommendations
17 The 20002020 population census rounds in CIS countries: transforming programmes to meet the changing needs of the community (CIS-STAT) PDF PDF PDF
Item 9. Relation between censuses and other statistics, such as demographic, labour and regional statistics
8 Census data for the development of functional geographies: the case of Labour Market Areas (Italy) PDF PDF PDF
11 Updating estimates at the municipal level using population censuses and sample surveys (Colombia) PDF PDF PDF