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Meeting of the Group of Experts on Consumer Price Indices

7 - 9 May 2018

Geneva, Switzerland

Information note PDF
Provisional Agenda PDF
Session 1: New Data sources
Integrating big data in the Belgian CPI, Ken Van Loon, Dorien Roels, Belgium PDF PDF
The practical experiences of collecting Big Data to compiling CPI of the General Statistics Office of Viet Nam (GSO), Thuy Nguyen Van, Viet Nam PDF
Using scanner data for sports equipment, Kjersti Nyborg Hov, Norway PDF PDF
Exploring new administrative data sources for the development of the CPI: The Portuguese experience with actual rentals for housing, Vítor Mendonça, Portugal PDF PDF
Compilation of Experimental Price Indexes using Big Data and Machine Learning: A Comparative Analysis and Validity Verification, Kimiaki Shinozaki, Japan PDF
Poster Session
The introduction of Scanner Data in the Luxembourg CPI, Claude Lamboray, Luxembourg PDF
Quality adjustment methods when calculating CPI, Martin Nielsen, Denmark PDF
Challenges of education services during the compilation of the Uganda National CPI (NCPI), Vincent Nsubuga, Uganda PDF PDF
Kazakhstan's experience in CPI compilation, Assel Shauyenova, Kazakhstan ENG/RUS
Session 2: Services in the CPI
Pricing the Internet - The Internet Access Services Component of the Canadian CPI, Ross Beck-MacNeil, Canada PDF PDF
Price Persistence of Services in the Swedish CPI, Emanuel Carlsson, Sweden PDF PDF
Rentals for housing: A model-based estimator of inflation from administrative data, Alan Bentley, New Zealand PDF
Session 3a: Methodological issues in CPI compilation
Estimating the Benefits and Costs of New and Disappearing Products, Erwin Diewert and Robert Feenstra, Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia PDF PDF
Measuring Consumer inflation in a digital economy, Anne-Sophie Fraisse, OECD PDF
Session 3b: Methodological issues in CPI compilation
Quality adjustment in the Irish CPI, Joseph Keating, Matt Murtagh, Ireland PDF
How (not) to treat seasonal products, Jens Mehrhoff, Eurostat PDF
Different approaches and methods for strong seasonal items in CPI, Cem Bas, Turkey PDF PDF
Room document: The Impacts of Weight Changes on CPI: A Case Study in Mongolia, Khuderchuluun Batsukh and Batsukh Delgertsogt, Mongolia PDF
Poster Session
The harmonization of the CPI in the East African Community Partner states (EAC), Fidèle Iranyibutse, Burundi PDF PDF
Organization of the CPI statistics in Russia, Mikhail Afonin, Russian Federation ENG/RUS
Treatment of Missing Observations and their Replacements, Amrita Nathaniel, Trinidad and Tobago PDF
Session 4: Understanding and meeting different user needs
Session 5: Updating of the 2004 CPI Manual
Panel Session: Looking back and future challenges in CPI
Official CPI – historical perspective, Valentina Stoevska, ILO PDF
The meetings of the Group of Experts on CPI - 40 years on, David Fenwick, United Kingdom PDF PDF
Session 6: Future Work
Special Session for EECCA and SEE countries
Missing items, Randi Johannessen, Norway PDF
CPI: achievements and further directions in improving the organization and methodology of calculations, Olha Kalabukha, Ukraine ENG/RUS
The experimental calculation of the Harmonized CPI for the CIS countries, Zoya Basova, CIS-STAT ENG/RUS
CPI in certain sectors of the economy. Development of methodology for maximal intersectoral consistency, Irina Goryacheva, CIS-STAT PDF PDF