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Workshop on Reporting and Communicating Statistics for Sustainable Development Goals

16 - 17 April 2018



 Document Title
Provisional Programme
Session 1 - Recent Progress in Reporting and Communicating SDGs
A. Outcomes of UNSD Conference on NRPs
B. Data Flow & National Reporting Mechanisms
Session 2 - Common Challenges in National and Global Reporting
A. An NRP...to Do What?
B. National Data Flows
C. National Communication of SDGs Statistics
D. Identifying Common Data Gaps and Priorities
Session 3 - Findings and Recommendations of Discussion Groups
A. Key Points from Discussion Group Leaders
B. (Sub)regional Challenges and Priorities
C. Toward Practical Solutions to Priorities
Session 4 - The Big Picture: SDG Reporting and Dissemination
A. Considerations for Non-Tech Savvy NSOs
B. An Illustration of Global Data Flows for SDGs
C. Requirements for Global Progress Reports
D. Use Cases of SDMX in Regional Context
Session 5 - Implementing SDMX for SDGs: What NSOs Need to Know
A. What is SDMX? A Case Study
B. What are DSDs? An Overview of SDG DSDs
C. What are MSDs? Proposal for SDG MSDs
D. Minimum Reporting for Global SDG Database
E. Discussion: What SDMX Can and Cannot Do
Session 6 - Modernization of NSS in SDG Reporting
A. New SDG Data Dissemination Approaches
B. Implementing Open Data Principles for SDGs
C. Improving Coordination within NSS
Session 7: Conclusion: Key Decisions and Action Items
A. Improving National Monitoring
B. Key Issues and Potential Solutions for SDG Coordination in EECCA and SEE Countries
C. Summary of Key Decisions and Action Items