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Work Session on Migration Statistics

18 - 20 May 2016

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Geneva, Switzerland


 Document TitleDocumentsPresentations
Information Note PDF  
Item 1.  Opening. Adoption of the agenda and election of officers
1 Agenda PDF
1Add.1 Timetable (updated 13 May 2016) PDF PDF
Report of the meeting PDF PDF
Item 2.  Data integration and good practices in communication between national statistical offices and producers of administrative data  
2 Understanding Australian migrant outcomes - making better use of administrative data (Australia) PDFPDFPDF
3a Working with administrative data for the purposes of estimating migration flows: the Canada experience (Canada) PDF
3b Developing, integrating and producing administrative data for the purpose of enabling Statistics Canada estimate migration flows (Canada) PDF
4 Proposed methodology for estimating international migration (Colombia) PDF PDFPDFe   PDFr
6 Cross-border exchange of administrative registers to improve register-based population and migration statistics (Spain) PDFPDFPDF
Item 3.  Migration Statistics and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
7 Migration statistics and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (UNECE) PDF
Item 4.  Socio-economic characteristics of migrants and people with foreign background
8 Developing indicators on migrants integration: the Italian case (Italy) PDF PDF
9 Socio-economic characteristics of migrants and people with foreign background based on the outcomes of 2015 population micro-census in the Russian Federation (Russian Federation) PDF PDFPDF
10 Migration data and the socioeconomic characteristics of immigrants in the United States (United States) PDFPDFPDF
11 Determinants of international migration in Egypt: Results of the 2013 Egypt-HIMS survey (Egypt) PDF PDF
Item 5.  Measuring circular migration
12a Defining and measuring circular migration, full report PDF
12bDefining and measuring circular migration, summary ENG RUSFRE
12cSummary of CES comments on the report on Defining and measuring circular migration PDF
12dDefining and Measuring Circular Migration (UNECE) PDF
Item 6. Labour migration and its impact on the labour market
13 Migrant-specific use of the Labour Force Survey – Immigrants (Hungary) PDF PDFPDF
14 Challenges in estimating irregular migration in Israel since 1995 (Israel) PDF PDFPDF
15 Statistical data on labour migration and mobility in Mexico (Mexico) PDF PDFPDF
16 CES Task Force on Measuring Labour Mobility (Israel) PDFPDFPDF
Item 7. Dissemination and use of migration statistics for policymaking
17 Dissemination and use of migration statistics for policymaking in the Republic of Moldova (Republic of Moldova) PDF PDFPDF
18 Register for mapping circular migration (Sweden) PDFPDFPDF
19 Main features, status and outputs of MED-HIMS (MED-HIMS) PDFPDF
Item 8.  Emerging issues, including new methods to estimate and project migration
20 Experience and challenges on measuring migration – Evidence from Albania (Albania) PDF PDFPDF
21 Adding immigrant admission category to the Canadian Census of Population (Canada) PDF PDFPDF
23 Methodology of estimating the annual number of usual resident population in Latvia (Latvia) PDF PDFPPS
24 Return migration of recent Slovenian emigrants (Republic of Slovenia) PDF PDFPDF
25 Surveying Hard-to-Reach Groups from a Comparative Cross-Country Perspective: The Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey (EU-MIDIS II) (EU-FRA) PDF PDFPDF
Item 9. Asylum seekers and refugees
26 International protection (Turkey) PDF PDFPDF
27 An overview of refugee and asylum statistics in the United States (United States) PDF PDFPDF