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Workshop on Population and Housing Censuses

26 - 27 September 2016

Geneva, Switzerland


Document Title
Provisional agenda PDF PDF 
Tentative Timetable (updated 22 Sep) PDF PDF
Information Note PDF  
Report of the Workshop PDF PDF
Item 1: Technological innovations for the 2020 census round
Overview of the 2020 census round in the UNECE Region (UNECE) PDFPDF
CIS countries: new technologies for the population census (CIS-Stat) PDFPDF
Information technology and its impact on productivity (Estonia) PDF
How the Lessons Learned from Using Handhelds in the 2010 Census Impacts the Use of Technology in the 2020 Census (United States) PPTPDF
Preparing for the 2020 Census: Reengineering Address Canvassing (United States) PDFPDF
Use of Geoinformation Technologies in the Preparation and Conduct of Population Census (Belarus) PDF PDF
Paperless Technology Used in the Federal Statistical survey “2015 Socio-Demographic Survey (Population Microcensus)” (Russian Federation) PDFPDF
 Dissemination of population and housing census results using GIS (Lithuania) PDF PDFPDF
Item 2: Implementation of the CES Recommendations for the 2020 round
Key socio-demographic indicators for cross-country comparability of CIS countries census results (CIS-Stat) PDFPDF
Item 3: Update on plans for next census of 2020 round
Innovations Planned for the 2020 Population Census in Armenia (Armenia) PDFPDF
2020 Population census in Azerbaijan: Goals and Objectives (Azerbaijan) PDF PDFPDF
Preparations to the 2020 Population and Housing Census in Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyz Republic) PDFPPT
Population and Housing Census 2014 in the Republic of Moldova (Republic of Moldova) PDF
Preparations to the 2020 population census. Planning and management of the 2020 Ukrainian population census (Ukraine) PDF PDF
Item 4: Experience from the 2010 census round
Combining Population and Agricultural Censuses in Georgia: lessons from 2014 (Georgia) PDFPDF
Item 5: Review of the availability of administrative sources and possible use to support field collection
CIS: use of administrative data sources (CIS-Stat) PDFPDF
Review of the availability of administrative sources and possible use to support field collection (Estonia) PDF PDFPDFPDF
Use of the State Integrated Identification and Authentication System for the 2020 Russian National Population Census (Russian Federation) PDFPDF