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Meeting of the Group of Experts on National Accounts

17 - 20 May 2016

Geneva, Switzerland

Photo gallery

Document Title
1 Annotated provisional agenda PDF PDFPDF 
Provisional timetable: First module (17 May) PDF PDF
Provisional timetable: Second module (18-20 May) PDF PDF

Special Session for Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, South East Europe and other interested countries

Document Title
Documents Presentations
Development of Supply and Use Tables
3 Supply and Use Tables for the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia PDF PDFPDFPDF
4 Supply and Use Tables in Georgia PDF PDFPDFPDF
5 Compilation of national accounts supply, use and input-output tables (Eurostat) PDF PDFPDFPDF
11 Russian Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables: experience, problems, perspectives PDF PDFPDFPDF
29 Supply and Use Tables in the National Accounts of Azerbaijan PDF PDFPDF
12 Implementation of the SNA 2008 in compiling Supply and Use tables for Israel PDF PDFPDF
13 Ukrainian practice on compilation of Supply and Use tables PDF PDFPDF
Input-output survey and compilation of annual accounts and SUT (Serbia) PDF
The Dutch SUT-system (Statistics Netherlands) PDF
Handbook on Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables with Extensions and Applications (UNSD) PDF
Supply Use tables: From National to Global (OECD) PDF
Further work to support implementation of the System of National Accounts 2008 in the region PDF

Expert Group on National Accounts

Document Title
Documents Presentations
Measuring Global Production
Country experience with surveys, data collection and compilation techniques
24 Strategies for Collecting Information Related to Global Production (Canada) PDF PDF
21 Data collection of Manufacturing Services in German (Germany) PDF PDF
6 Global Production in Israel PDF PDFPDFPDF
Discussant: Michael Wolf (Sweden) PDF
The Supply-Use Tables In Mexico PDF
30 Implementation of the new guidelines concerning processing activities in Denmark PDF PDF
Discussant: Sanjiv Mahajan (United Kingdom) PDF
Global Production Research Agenda 
Factoryless Goods Producers (Eurostat) PDF
Treatment of FGPs in ISIC and Guidance on Identifying FGPs (Canada) PDF
28 Measuring global production arrangements in the Dutch national accounts (Netherlands) PDF PDF
23 Factoryless goods producers: a challenge to the NA industry breakdown (Sweden) PDF PDF
15 Price and volume measures for merchanting of goods and sending goods abroad for processing (Eurostat) PDF PDF
Discussant: Mark de Haan (Netherlands) PDF
Exchange of economic data and data sharing
In-depth review on exchange of economic data and data sharing (Finland) PDF
SIMSTAT project. Micro-data exchange in the domain of trade in goods statistics (Eurostat) PDF
Country viewpoint to the SIMSTAT project (Finland) PDF
18 Data sharing for macro-economic statistics. International activities and European perspective (Eurostat) PDF PDF
Data confrontation and data sharing – an Irish perspective PDF
Discussant: Gerard Eding (Netherlands) PDF
Global accounts and analytical use of SUT
27 The FIGARO Project: The EU Inter-country Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables (Eurostat) PDF PDF
Extended Supply-Use Tables for Internationally Integrated Economic Accounts (OECD) PDF PDF
Measurement framework for international trade and economic globalization (UNSD) PDF
Use of Statistical Units in National Accounts
20Reassessment of the role of the statistical unit in the SNA (OECD) PDF PDF
Measurement challenge posed by MNEs - Profiling in the UK PDF
22Statistical units of production in the national accounts of Russian Federation PDF PDFPDF
7 Statistical Units: Theory and Practice (Australia) PDF PDFPDFPDF
17 Survey Units for Economic Statistics – Do Our Current Practices Match Official Guidance or Are Some Changes Needed? (United States) PDF PDF
Discussant:Nadim Ahmad (OECD)
Valuation of Natural Resources and Mineral Exploration
8 Natural resource wealth statistics in the National Balance Sheet Accounts (Canada) PDF PDFPDFPDF
Brief introduction on pilot compilation system of natural resources balance sheets in China PDF
19 The valuation of oil and gas reserves in the Netherlands PDF PDF
Discussant: Brent Moulton (United States) PDF
26 The wealth of Norwegian raw oil and natural gas: 1970-2015 PDF PDF
Classification and valuation of natural resources (OECD) PDF PDF
16 Australian valuation of subsoil natural resources PDF PDF
Discussant: Henk Nijmeijer (Eurostat) PDF
Measuring Human Capital
Summary of the Recommendations on measuring human capital presented to the 2016 CES plenary (UNECE Task Force) PDF PDFPDFPDF
Guide on Measuring Human Capital, draft 21 January 2016 PDF
9 Satellite Account for Education and Training (UNECE Task Force) PDF PDFPDF
25 A Norwegian satellite account for education and training PDF PDF
10 Human Capital Satellite Account: An Example for Canada PDF PDFPDFPDF
Panel discussion: Global production and national accounts
Globalization and Production of Quality Statistics: Challenges and Expectations (Mexico) PDF
Globalization and National Accounts (Canada) PDF