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Expert Forum for producers and users of climate change-related statistics

2 - 3 September 2015

Geneva, Switzerland

Document Title
Programme PDF PDF
Concept NotePDF
Key OutcomesPDF
Setting the scene
Welcome and opening addressesPPP
Steering Group on Climate change (SGCC); Terms of Reference and presentationToRPPP
Climate change data: Where we are and where are we going? (Prof. Martin Beniston)PPP
CES Recommendations on climate change-related statistics (Rob Smith)PPP
Responding to the needs of the new global climate agreement
Background paper: NSO entry pointsPDF
Opening presentation: Current and emerging data needs of the global climate change regime (UNFCCC)PPP
Priority areas in establishing and enhancing collaboration between GHG inventories and statistics (Finland)PPP
Challenges and experiences from a country perspective (Bosnia Herzegovina)PPP
Discussion: How to prepare for emerging data needs?PPP
Road map towards better climate change-related statistics
Background paper: Recommendation ratingsXLSX
CES Recommendations on Climate Change-Related StatisticsPDF
Introduction to the session (Rob Smith)PPP
Statistical office publishing science-based climate change statistics collected by other government producers (Canada)PPP
Developing new statistics for climate analysis (Netherlands)PPP
Combining survey and administrative data to develop statistics for monitoring climate change (Ireland)PPP
Prioritizing the CES Recommendations on Climate Change-Related Statistics (Rob Smith)PPP
Discussion: What are the priorities for the road map?PPP
Building capacity to provide climate change-related statistics
Background paper: Capacity gaps in climate changePDF
Introduction to the session (Italy)PPP
Requirements and capacity-building needs of the UNFCCC process (IPCC)PPP
How geospatial statistics can measure climate change? (Sweden)PPP
FAOSTAT data and the associated capacity development (FAO)PPP
Discussion: How to improve capacity nationally and internationally?PPP
Climate change and SDG indicators
Task Force on a set of key climate change-related statistics using SEEA; Terms of Reference and presentation ToRPPP
Background paper: TF approach on climate change statisticsPDF
Introduction to the session (Italy)PPP
The process of setting up the SDG indicators (UNECE)PPP
UNECE Task Force: approach for selecting the set of climate indicators & ranking of related policy questions (Luxembourg)PPP
Discussion: What would be the key issues to be covered in the climate set?
Emerging areas – Measuring extreme events
Introduction to the session (WMO)
Introducing the UNECE Task Force on Measuring extreme events and disasters; Terms of reference and presentation (Italy)ToRPPP
Outcomes and recommendations of the ESCAP Expert Group on disaster-related statistics in Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP)PPP
UNISDR draft guidelines for disaster loss data collection (UNISDR)PPP
Inter-Operable Database for Regional Extreme Weather & Climate Events (Deutscher Wetterdienst)PPP
Guidance for recording and sharing disaster losses in the EU: a bottom-up collaborative process (European Commission)PPP
Discussion: What could be the role of official statisticians?PPP
The way forward
Key priorities for further workPPP