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Workshop on the implementation of the 2008 SNA in EECCA countries and linkages with BPM6 and GFSM 2014

6 - 8 May 2015

Istanbul (Turkey)

Document Title
Session 1: Policy relevance
Policy relevance of the main macroeconomic sets – a theoretical background (EFTA)ENGRUS
IPSAS – practical use for budgeting and benefits in terms of how GFS statistics and fiscal indicators can be extracted from the budgetary system (Iceland)XLSXLSENGRUS
Use of statistics for economic governance and surveillance in the European Union - Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure, legal basis and scoreboard for dissemination (Eurostat)ENGRUS
The Importance of Balance Sheet Information (IMF)ENGRUS
Session 2: Implementation of the 2008 SNA, BPM6 and GFSM 2014: coordination, data exchange and institutional arrangements
Implementation and coordination of macroeconomic statistics in EU and euro area countries (Eurostat)ENGRUS
Status of Reporting of Data According to BPM6 and GFSM 2014—Reporting of Balance Sheet Data and the IMF’s Efforts to Improve Cross-Sector Consistency of Data (IMF)ENGRUS
Transition of National Accounts of the Republic of Belarus to 2008 SNA Methodology and Interaction between Producers of Official Statistics (Belarus)ENGRUS
Republic of Moldova:
Balance of payments of Republic of Moldova: achieved goals and future developments
National Accounts of Republic of Moldova Achieved Results and Development Prospects
Transition to BPM6: Case of Ukraine (Ukraine)ENGRUS
Readiness for Effective Cooperation – The New Challenge for Central Banks (Georgia)PDFPDFENGRUS
Implementation of SNA-2008 / ESA-2010
General Government Financial Statistics
Implementation of BPM6 in Turkey
ESCB statistics for European policy making (ECB)ENG RUS
Impact of BPM6 on the EU 28 balance of payments and international investment position (Eurostat) ENGRUS
BPM6 and 2008 SNA recommendations on processing and merchanting – data requirements (UNECE)ENGRUS
Background document: Goods for processing and merchanting - extracts from chapter 5  of the Guide to Measuring Global Production (UNECE)PDFPDF
Session 3: Selected methodological and practical issues
Sectorization and measurement of production (Iceland)ENGRUS
The financial sector - subsectors, units and main data issues (ECB)ENGRUS
The Financial Corporations Sector, its subsectors and Institutional Units (Azerbaijan) ENGRUS
General Government – methodological treatment of selected cases from the European Union concerning delineation of the general government and the treatment of government operations (Eurostat)ENGRUS
General government sector of the Republic of Armenia (Armenia)ENG RUS