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Workshop on Migration Statistics

28 - 29 May 2015


Document Title

Handbook "Use of Administrative Sources and Sample Surveys to Measure International Migration in the CIS region"

Version for consultation

Deadline for comments: 1 February 2016

1. Introduction Word Word
2. Administrative data Word Word
3. Sample surveys WordWord
Annex Migration data in household surveys of CIS countries Word
INF.1 Information Note PDF PDF 
1 Agenda PDF PDF
Report PDF PDF 
Session 1: Overview of sources of administrative data
Moscow State University PPTXPPTX
Administrative sources  of migration statistics in Armenia, before 2013 PPTX
Use of administrative data for measuring international migration (Kazakhstan) PPT
Use of administrative data to measure international migration Experience of the Republic of Moldova PPTX
Session 2: How to use administrative sources to measure migration
Moscow State University PPTX
Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia PPTXPPTX
Using administrative sources and migration databases for statistics generation (IOM-Minsk) PPT
Moldova’s Extended Migration Profile (Moldova, Bureau of Migration and Asylum) PPT
Statistics of labour migration in the Republic of Tajikistan PPTX
Data sources and methodology used to measure the population migration in Kyrgyzstan PPT
Session 3: Improving cooperation between different producers of administrative data and statistical offices
Session 4: Ongoing regional initiatives to improve migration statistics
Activities of CISStat on improving of migration statistics (CISStat) PPTXPPTX
Possibilities of using of mirror statistics in CIS region (CISStat) PPTXPPTX
Updating the Migration Clearing House Database (UNECE) PPTXPPTX
Session 5: Overview of survey methods to measure migration
Overview of sample survey methods to measure migration PPTXPPTX
Session 6: Survey design
Sample survey design and implementation PPTXPPTX
Benefit and methodology of online surveys among labour migrants, EU Blue Card holders in Germany PDFPPTX
Session 7: National examples
Measuring migration data based on Household surveys (ILCS) in Armenia PPTX
Ad-hoc sample survey of external labour migration in the Republic of Belarus PPTX
Microcensus 2015 as a Source of Data on International Migration in the Russian Federation PPTX
Use of sample surveys to measure international migration Experience of the Republic of Moldova PPTX
Session 8: Recommendations on improving sample surveys
Inventory of sample surveys and recommendations for improvement in the CIS countries PPTXPPTX
Session 9: Recommendations to improve the use of these data sources in the region