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UNDA 9th tranche: Kick-off meeting

10 - 11 December 2014

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Document Title
Agenda PDF PDF   
Meeting report PDF PDF
Session 1: UNDA 9th tranche project - Objectives, implementation and monitoring mechanisms
UNECE: UNDA project - introruction and objectives, tools for the implemenation and monitoring of the project PDF PDF
Eurostat: ENP-East and beyond: Eurostat contribution to statistical capacity in EECCA countries  PDF PDF
Eurasian Economic Commission: Official statistics: a tool for economic integration PDFPDF
Turkey: How countries from Central Asia can benefit from the recent experience of TurkStat PDF PDF
Norway: Institutional cooperation between Statistics Norway and the National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic - 2014-2016 PDF PDF
Russian Federation: Rosstat contribution to technical cooperation activities in the EECCA region and beyond PDF PDF
Tajikistan: Implementation of recommendations from global assessment: the experience of Tajikistan PDF PDF
Belarus: Setting priorities in the implementation of recommendations from global assessment: the experience of Belarus PDF PDF
Eurostat: New round of global assessments / peer reviews in the EECCA countries  PDF PDFPDF PDF
Session 2: Legal and institutional framework of official statistics
Consultant UNECE: Delineation of a national statistical system  PDF PDF
Azerbaijan: Definition of official statistics, administrative statistics and data in the statistical law: the example of Azerbaijan PDF PDF
Ukraine: Delineation of the national statistical system of Ukraine: main challenges in the light of the UN-FPs PDF PDF
Armenia: Rights and obligations of other producers of official statistics in Armenia according to the law PDF PDF
Consultant UNECE: Coordination of the production of official statistics: best practices, mechanisms and tools  PDF PDF
Moldova: Coordination of the national statistical system of Moldova: good practices and tasks PDF PDF
Mongolia: How to re-enforce the role of the Statistical Council as the coordination body of the national statistical system: the experience of Mongolia PDF PDF
Georgia: International cooperation as a driver of sustainable development in statistics: the experience of Geostat PDF PDF
Background documents
Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics PDFPDFPDF
European Statistics Code of Practice PDFPDF
Abstracts PDFPDF