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Workshop on Migration Statistics

8 - 9 September 2014

Chişinău, Republic of Moldova

Document Title
Tentative timetablePDFPDF  
Session 1: Mainstreaming migration in CIS member states
Harmonization of Migration Statistics in the CIS region (Moscow State University)PDFPDF
Ways and means of improving the quality of migration statistics: problems of the CIS member states and international experience (CISStat)PDFPDF
Registration of general and labour migration in CIS member states (CISStat)PDFPDF
Information on the current state of preparations of the Conference of European Statisticians 2020 Census recommendations (UNECE)PDF
Session 2: Dissemination and use of migration data
Migration: review of international information resources and data interchange in CIS (CISStat)PDFPDF
User’s perspective on the database of the Russian Federal Migration Service (Moscow State University)PDF
United Nations Global Migration Data Base and other dissemination efforts (UN-DESA)PDF
Country presentation:
- Russian Federation
Session 3: Labour migration statistics
Implications of new resolutions of the 19th International Conference of labour Statisticians on the measurement of labour migration (ILO)PDF
Definition of "migrant worker" for statistical measurement of foreign labour employed in the economy of CIS member states (CISStat)PDFPDF
Labour Migration and Labour Market Information Systems: classification, measurement and sources (UNECE)PDFPDF
Country presentations:
- Republic of Moldova
- Ukraine
Session 4: Coordination between government agencies for the purpose of collecting and improving migration statistics
Country presentations:
- Kazakhstan
- Uzbekistan
Session 5: Data exchange between countries
Task Force to measure emigration/Migration Clearing House (UNECE)PDFPDF
Eurostat support to data exchange for cross-validation purposes (Eurostat)PDF
Session 6: Data sources and methods used to measure emigration
Methods and sources to measure emigration (Moscow State University)PDFPDF
Other methods to estimate emigration (UNECE)PDF
Hungarian experience (Hungarian Central Statistical Office)PDF
Lithuanian experience (Statistics Lithuania)PDF
Norwegian experience (Statistics Norway)PDF

Country presentations:

- Armenia
- Belarus
- Georgia
- Kyrgyzstan
- Tajikistan
Session 7: Concluding discussion on the way forward