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Work Session on the Communication of Statistics

18 - 20 June 2014


Document TitleENGPresentations
Information NotePDF
Report presented to the CESPDF
Keynote Presentation 
Enabling your stakeholders to use statistics (Georges-Simon Ulrich, Director General of the Federal Statistical Office, Switzerland) PDF
Session 1: 
Statistical literacy
Statistics and schools (Austria)PDFPDF
Meeting the Information Needs of News Media  to Increase Citizens’ Understanding of Statistical Findings (Canada) PDFPPT
Census at School – Food Preference Survey (U.S. Department of Agriculture)PDFPPT
Statistics in Schools:  Using Real Life Data to Increase Statistical Literacy Among Students (U.S. Census Bureau)PDFPPT
Statistical literacy (U.S. Census Bureau)PDFPPT
How to reach the young (Netherlands)PDFPPT
School corner – statistics and statistical data can be comprehensible to everyone (Latvia)PDFPREZI
Session 2:
Communication with respondents and evaluation of communication campaigns 
Communicating the NSO value proposition – ensuring that official statistics is a well recognized brand (Netherlands)PDFPPT
The reason of success or attempt of analysis (Russian Federation) PDFPPT
Session 3: 
Quick wins on low and zero budget 
Gathering user insight, building relationships and sharing good practice (Office for National Statistics, UK)PDFPREZI
Another “quick win” or what we did next (Eurostat)PPT
Statistical Pills (Spain)PDFPPT
Increasing Twitter click-throughs with images (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)PPT
Session 4: 
Good practices in electronic publications
Electronic Publications: Developments in the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (Switzerland)PDFPPT
United Nations World Statistics Pocketbook (United Nations Statistics Division)PDFPPT
Statistics Explained: 5 years after opening, where are we? (Eurostat)PDFPPT
Moving to interactive electronic publications: challenges and opportunities (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe)PDF
Statistics – simple talk about complex matters or visualization as a tool of official statistics popularization (Russian Federation)PDFPPT