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Work Session on Statistical Data Editing

28 - 30 April 2014


Document TitleENGPresentations
Information NotePDF
Report PDF
Report presented to the CESPDF
Future workPPT PPTX
(i) Selective editing / macro editing
Score Functions under the Optimization Approach (Spain)PDFPPT
Maintenance of Selective Editing in ONS Business Surveys (United Kingdom)PDFPDF
Experiences from Selective Data Editing at Statistics Sweden (Sweden)PDFPPTX
Use of administrative data for selective editing: the case of business investments (Italy)PDFPPT
Selective Editing Techniques and Seasonal Adjustment of Short-Term Economic Indicators (France)PDFPPT
Using R-indicators to monitor household surveys and prioritize data collection: an application to the 2010 Household Wealth survey in France (France)PDFPDF
An Assessment of Automatic Editing via the Contamination Model and Multiple Imputation (Japan)PDFPDF
Text Analysis Tools for Editing and Verification (United States)PDFPDF
Adjusting for Remaining Measurement Errors after Selective Editing (Sweden)PDFPDF
(ii) New and emerging methods
Implementation and evaluation of automatic editing for business surveys (Netherlands)PDFPPTX
Developing the process of detection and treatment of outliers in HCSO (Hungary)PDFPPTX
Application of multiple imputation for the agricultural census (Germany)PDFPDF
Data editing and scanner data (France)PDFPPT
Multiple Imputation Methods for Imputing Earnings in the Survey of Income and Program Participation (United States Census Bureau)PDFPPTX
Imputation with multi-source data: the case of Italian Structural Business Statistics (Italy)PDFPDF
A generalized Fellegi-Holt paradigm for automatic editing (Netherlands)PDFPPTX
Assessing the Impact of a New Imputation Methodology for the Agricultural Resource Management Survey (United States/NASS)PDFPPTX
(iii) Getting the support of all people when implementing data editing
Obtaining wide support for Statistics Canada’s Integrated Business Statistics Program: a key task in the project plan (Canada)PDFPPTX
Applying process indicators to monitor the editing process (Sweden)PDFPPTX
Renewal of Editing Practices at Statistics Finland (Finland)PDFPPTX
Implementing a new editing system – getting everyone on board (Norway)PDFPPTX
Questions raised by the implementation of the data editing device for French structural business statistics (France)PDFPPT
Gaining traction: Managing attitudes towards changes in data editing practices (New Zealand)PDFPPTX
(iv) Editing of Census and social data
Estimation of the variance due to imputation in the 2011 UK Census (University of Southampton)PDFPDF
Editing the 2011 Census data with CANCEIS and options considered for 2016 (Canada)PDFPPTX
Automatic Data Editing Experience in Mexican Census 2010 (Mexico)PDFPDF
Exploring Administrative Records Use for Race and Hispanic Origin Item Non-Response (United States Census Bureau)PDFPPTX
(v) International collaboration and processing tools
Migration of a large survey onto a microeconomic platform (New Zealand)PDFPPTX
Towards Generic Analyses of Data Validation Functions (Netherlands)PDFPDF
New Features of VIM - Visualization and Imputation of Missing Values (Austria/Vienna University of Technology)PDFPDF
On Implementing CSPA Specifications for Editing and Imputation Services (Italy)PDFPPTX
Editing and Imputation in the Memobust Handbook on Methodology of Modern Business Statistics (Netherlands)PDFPPTX
SAS Enterprise Guide project for editing and imputation (Finland)PDFPPTX
Metadata driven application for data processing – from local toward global solution (Slovenia)PDFPPT
Tabled Papers:
On the Use of Data Mining for Imputation (Eurostat)PDF