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Seminar "The way forward in poverty measurement"

2 - 4 December 2013



Document Title
INF.1Call for papersPDF 
INF.2Information notePDF
WP 1/Add.1Timetable (updated 29 Nov)PDF
Report of the Seminar (short)PDFPDF
Report of the Seminar (detailed)PDF
MDGs and Post-2015 Agenda
WP 2Lessons learned from MDGs and the post-2015 Agenda (UNECE)PPT
WP 3Reflections on the MDGs and the post-2015 agenda from Europe and Central Asia (UNDP)PDFPDFPPTPPT
Session 1. Methodological issues in poverty measurement 
WP 4Measuring Poverty in Armenia: methodological features (Armenia)PDFPPTPPT
WP 5Institutional aspects of poverty measurement in Tajikistan (Tajikistan)PDFPDF
WP 6Poverty measurement in Republic of Moldova(Republic of Moldova)PPTPPT
WP 7Poverty measurement in Kazakhstan: current situation and perspectives (Kazakhstan)PDFPDFPPTPPT
WP 7 Add.1 Addendum 1xlsxls
WP 8Recent developments in poverty measurement in Turkey (Turkey)PDFPDFPPTPPT
WP 9Measurement of poverty and inequality in the Republic of Belarus (Belarus)PDFPDFPPTPPT
WP 10Non-Response in Household Surveys: Selected Research on Adjustment Approaches and Implications (World Bank)PDFPDFPPT
WP 11Measuring Social transfers in kind in the United Kingdom (UK)PDFPDFPPT
WP 12Poverty measurement in Ukraine: criteria, challenges and prospects (Ukraine)PDFPDFPPTPPT
WP 12/ Add.1Household access to certain goods and services (Ukraine)PDF
WP 13How clear are relative poverty measures to the common public? (Portugal)PDFPDF
WP 30Poverty measurement in Kyrgyz Republic(Kyrgyzstan)PPT
Session 2. Data Comparability
WP 14Analysis of development methods in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS-STAT)PDFPDFPPT
WP 15World Bank poverty monitoring in Europe and Central Asia: a harmonization effort (World Bank)PDFPDFPPTPPT
WP 16Development that lasts: The affordable human development index (UNDP and EU FRA)PDFPDFPPT
WP 17The OECD approach to measure and monitor income poverty across countries (OECD)PDFPDFPPT
WP 18World Bank Poverty Monitoring in Europe and Central Asia: High frequency data (World Bank)PDFPDFPPTPPT
WP 29Providing international comparability of poverty assessments: experience and problems (Russian Federation)PDFPDFPPTPPT
Session 3.Interlinkages between poverty, inequality, vulnerability and social inclusion
WP 19Multidimensional poverty index in Colombia: population census 2005 (Colombia)PDFPDF
WP 20Multidimensional poverty and social isolation in Poland (Poland)PDFPDFPPTPPT
WP 21 Multidimensional poverty - a way forward (OPHI)PDFPPTPPT
WP 22Measuring intersecting inequalities through the social exclusion index: a proposal for Europe and Central Asia (UNDP and EU FRA)PDFPDFPPT
WP 23Poverty measurement in Switzerland (Switzerland)PDFPDFPPT
WP 24Poverty and Equity Measurement at the World Bank and the ECA Context PDFPDFPPTPPT
WP 25The measurement of poverty and social inclusion in the EU: achievements and further improvements (Eurostat)PDFPDFPPT
WP 26Multidimensional poverty in Colombia:identifying regional disparities using GIS and population census data (2005)PDFPDFPPT
WP 27Within subjective poverty, multidimensional poverty and food security: a glance at the living conditions of households and children in Colombia (Colombia)PDFPDFPPT
WP 28Child poverty in Armenia (Armenia)PDFPPTPPT