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Group of experts on business registers

2 - 4 September 2013

Geneva, Switzerland

ECE/CES/GE.42/2013 /...

Document Title
Special Session on Business Registers for Transition and Developing Economies
Report on the results of the UNSD global survey on Statistical Business Registers. UNSD PDF PPT
Definition of units in the statistical register of Rosstat. Federal State Statistics Service (ROSSTAT) PPT (ENG)
Business Register in the Republic of Azerbaijan. State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan PPT (ENG)
Statistical Business Register in Georgia. National Statistical Office of Georgia PPT
Business register as a basis for survey frames. Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland PPTX (ENG)
Tunisian Business register - Update, quality and diffusion. National Institute of Statistics, Tunisia PDF
Directory of institutional units and establishments. Ministry of Foreign Trade, Costa Rica PPT
Challenges of Central Statistical Business Register Establishment in Egypt. Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics of Egypt PPT
The challenges in strengthening Malaysia business Register. Department of Statistics. Malaysia PPTX
Mongolia: Business Register. National Statistical Office of Mongolia PPT
The list of establishments of the Philippines. The Philippines PPT
Session 1: Economic globalisation and statistical business registers
Interoperability of business registers in the European Statistical System: the Eurostat VIP.ESBRs project. Eurostat PDF PPTX
Progress, issues and proposals of the European project on Profiling large and complex multinationals. INSEE, France PPT
A new statistical definition of the enterprise - conceptional and practical implications. Federal Statistical Office. Germany PDF PPT
Some results on the inquiry undertaken by the ESSnet on Consistency on the use of the statistical business registers in the production of European business statistics. Statistics Austria PPTX
Friends of the Chair group on International Trade and Economic Globalization, UNSD PPT
Session 2: Quality of the statistical business register
Measuring Quality in the BLS Business Register. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics PDF PPT
Columbia’s experience with implementation of a quality assurance process for the SBR. National Department of Statistics of Columbia PDF PDF PPT
Quality control of the statistical register in the Republic of Belarus. National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus PDF PPT (ENG)
Co-employment and the Business Register: Impact and Solutions. U.S. Census Bureau PDF PPT
Managing the quality of the ECBs enhanced ‘Register of Institutions and Affiliates Database‘ (RIAD). ECB PDF PPT
The revision of the codification of the economic activities in the Swiss Business Register.Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland PPTX (ENG)
Session 3: The role of the statistical business register in the modernisation of the statistical production and services
Standards-based Modernisation: An update on the work of the High-level Group for the Modernisation of Statistical Production and Services. UNECE PDF PPT
Transforming the Australian Bureau of Statistics Business Register. Australian Bureau of Statistics PDF PPT
Revision Project of the Business Register and Business Statistics in Finland. Statistics Finland PPT
BR’s Utilization as the unique frame for subject matter surveys in non-census year in China. National Bureau of Statistics of China PDF PPT
The European profiling of multinational enterprise groups: a crucial tool in the current European developments on statistical units to improve national and European business statistics. Eurostat PDF PPT
Session 4: Draft chapters of Guidelines on Statistical Business Registers
Introduction PPT
Draft chapter 2: Roles of SBR PDF PPT
Draft chapter 3: Coverage of SBR PDF PPT
Draft chapter 4: Units in SBR PDF PPT
Draft Chapter 5: Characteristics of the units in the SBR PDF PPT
Draft chapter 6: Data sources of SBR PDF PPT
Draft chapter 7: Maintenance of SBR PDF PPT
Draft chapter 8: Quality of SBR PDF PPT
Draft chapter 9: Establishment of the SBR PDF
Glossary PDF