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Workshop on measuring sustainable development

29 - 29 October 2012

The workshop will take one day and will discuss the work of the national statistical offices and international organizations on measuring sustainable development, as well as the latest international efforts related to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Rio+20 Conference). Officials from environmental institutions and representatives of statistical offices working in the field of environmental statistics and measuring sustainable development in the countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, and interested countries of South-Eastern Europe are invited to attend. Participation of experts from other UNECE countries is most welcome to broaden the exchange of experiences and approaches.The workshop will take place back to back with the sixth meeting of the Joint Task Force on Environmental Indicators.

Geneva, Switzerland

Document Title
Session 1: Measuring sustainable development
Draft report of the Task Force for Measuring Sustainable DevelopmentPDF
Presentation: Task Force on measuring sustainable developmentPPT
Presentation: Switzerland (country experience)PDF
Presentation: the Netherlands (country experience)PPT
Session 2: Environmental sustainability
Presentation: SEEA and measuring sustainabilityPDF
Presentation: Implications from Rio+20 for the EEA workPPT
Presentation: Statistical definition and measurement of green jobsPDF
Proposals for the statistical definition and measurement of green jobsPDF
Session 3: Experience of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia
Armenia: questionnairePDF  
Armenia: available indicatorsXLS  
 Azerbaijan: questionnairePDF  
Azerbaijan: available indicatorsXLS
Belarus: questionnairePDF
Belarus: available indicatorsXLS
Georgia: questionnairePDF
Georgia: available indicatorsXLS
Kazakhstan: questionnairePDF
Kazakhstan: available indicatorsXLS
Kyrgyzstan: questionnairePDF
Kyrgyzstan: available indicatorsXLS
Republic of Moldova: questionnaire


Republic of Moldova: available indicatorsXLS
Russian Federation: questionnairePDF
Russian Federation: available indicatorsXLS
Tajikistan: questionnairePDF
Tajjikistan: available indicatorsXLS
Turkmenistan: available indicatorsPDF
Turkmenistan: questionnairePDF
Ukraine: questionnairePDF
Ukraine: available indicatorsXLS
Uzbekistan: questionnairePDF
Uzbekistan: available indicatorsXLS
Presentation: Armenia (country experience)PPT
Presentation: Tajikistan (country experience)PDF
Presentation: UNECE - survey resultsPPT