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Work Session on Migration Statistics

17 - 19 October 2012

Geneva, Switzerland

Document Title
INF.1Information NotePDF- 
Registration FormWord 
WP.1AgendaPDF PDF 
Final Report PDF-
item 2: Experiences with using data from the 2010 round of censuses for measuring migration
WP.2Plans regarding revisions to Census data of the past decade, with preliminary results (Spain)PDFPDFPPT
WP.3Plans for post-census revision of intercensal population estimates - including updating of statistics on population stocks by country of birth and citizenship (Eurostat)PDF-PPT
WP.4Collecting migration data in the UK Census (United Kingdom)PDFPDFPPT
WP.5Migration characteristics of the Montenegro population in Census 2011 (Montenegro)PDF-PPT
WP.6Using annual migration survey data in the 2011 register-based census (Slovenia)PDF-PPT
item 3: Producing migration data using household surveys and other sources
WP.7Suitland Working Group: Improving Migration and Migrant Data using Household Surveys and other sources- Questionnaire Repository Project (Eurostat) PDF-PPT
WP.8Update on the Suitland Working Group Project on Reviewing Methods for Estimating Emigration (United States)PDF-PPT
WP.9Measuring Hard-to-Count Migrant Populations:Importance, Definitions and Categories (UNECE)PDFPDFPPT
WP.10Producing Migration Data using Household Surveys (Moldova)PDF-PPT
WP.11Albanian specific examples of migration surveys (Albania)--PPT
WP.27MED-HIMS: The Programme of Household International Migration Surveys in the Middle East and North Africa (MEDSTAT)PDF-PPT
Discussant's summary --PPT
WP.12The UK's Migration Statistics Improvement Programme - exploiting administrative sources to improve migration estimates (United Kingdom)PDF-PPT
WP.13The US Census Bureau's 2010 Demographic Analysis Estimates: Incorporation of Data from the 2010 Mexico Census (United States) PDF-PPT
WP.14Information Exchange and Modelling: Solutions to Imperfect Data on Population Movements (University of Southampton)PDFPDFPPT
WP.28Recent efforts by Mexico to measure migration flows and stocks (Mexico)PDF-PPT
item 4: Circular migration
WP.15Analysis of international migration estimates using different length of stay definitions (UNECE TF)PDF-PPT
WP.16Mapping circular migration with  register statistics (Sweden)PDF-PPT

The data basis for more advanced statistics on international migration - the case of Norway (Norway)

item 5: Return migration
WP.18Return migration rates of recent immigrants compared to flows in the previous century (Netherlands)PDFPDFPPT
WP.19Measuring return migration: some preliminary findings in times of crisis (OECD) PDF-PPT
item 6: Aspects of Migrant Integration
WP.20Definitions, sources and measures for internal mobility and secondary migrations: a focus on non-EU citizens (ItalyPDF-PPT
WP.21Progress Report on work of the UNECE Task Force on the Measurement of the Socio-economic Conditions of Migrants (TF)PDFPDFPPT
WP.22How do trends in international migration influence the internal mobility of foreigners in Switzerland (UNIGE)PDF-PPT
WP.23Immigration in the Zurich Labour Market (Switzerland)PDF-PPT
Discussant's summary--PPT
item 7: Migration and development
WP.25 Rev.Towards common definition and measurement of diaspora: Practices and lessons from South Eastern, Eastern Europe and Central Asia (IOM)PDF-PPT
WP.26Strengthening links between migration and development in the Republic of Moldova (Moldova)PDFPDFPPT
WP.29Diasporas: Measurement and development activities like remittances (Georgetown University)--PPT