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Sixth Session of the Joint Task Force on Environmental Indicators

30 October - 1 November 2012

Geneva, Switzerland

Document Title
Annotated provisional agendaPDF PDF 
Report of the meetingPDFPDF
Summary of the national reviewsPDFPDF
3. Review of the Guidelines for the Application of Environmental Indicators
National review of ArmeniaXLS
National review of AzerbaijanXLS
National review of BelarusXLS
National review of Bosnia and HerzegovinaXLS
National review of GeorgiaXLS
National review of KazakhstanXLS
National review of KyrgyzstanXLS
National review of MoldovaXLS
National review of MontenegroXLS
National review of Russian FederationXLS
National review of SerbiaXLS
National review of TajikistanXLS
National review of The former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaXLS
National review of UkraineXLS
 National review of UzbekistanXLS 
4. Third reading of the indicator of biodiversity not covered by the Guidelines: catches of fish and other aquatic animals and products
 Indicator of biological diversity not covered by the Guidelines: catches of fish and other aquatic animals and productsPDFPDF
5. Second reading of indicators of agriculture not covered by the Guidelines
Agri-environmental indicators (UNECE)PDFPDF
6: Discussion of developments and plans for work on indicators under an ongoing project for EECCA countries (EEA)
Developments and plans for work on indicators under the ENPI-SEIS project for EECCA and RussiaPDFPDF
Item 3(a): Indicator "Air temperature" (UNECE)PPTPPT
Item 3(a): Climate data (WMO)PPT
Item 3(a): Summary (UNECE)PPT
Item 3(b): Indicator "Atmospheric precipitation (UNECE)PPTPPT
Item 3(b): Summary (UNECE)PPT
Item 3(c): Water quality monitoring (WHO)PPT
Item 3(c): Summary (UNECE)PPT
Item 3(d): Indicator 25: Final Energy Consumption (IEA)PPT
Item 3(d): Summary (UNECE)PPT
Item 3(e): Indicator 26: Total Energy Consumption (IEA)PPT
Item 3(e): Summary (UNECE)PPT
Item 3(f): Average age of road motor vehicle fleet (United Kingdom)PPT
Item 3(f): Summary (UNECE)PPT
Item 4: Catches of fish and other aquatic animals, production of aquatic animal products and aquatic plants (UNECE)PPTPPT
Item 4: Catch of fish in environmental context  (FAO)PPT
Item 5: Lessons learned and future directions of OECD work on agri-environmental indicators (OECD)PPT
Item 5: Second reading of agri-environmental indicators (Zoi environmental network)PPT
Item 6: From monitoring to data, indicators and policy assessmentPPT
Item 6: Results of the metadata surveyPPT
Item 6: IT Working Group WorkshopPPT
Item 6: Waste Statistics WorkshopPPT
Item 6: Water Statistics WorkshopPPT
Item 6: Emission inventories WorkshopPPT