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Group of Experts on Population and Housing Censuses

24 - 25 May 2012



ECE/CES/GE.41/2012 /...

NOTE: The UNECE launched a new wiki site on population and housing censuses.  The Wiki hosts a table presenting information and material related to the population and housing censuses of the 2010 round in UNECE member countries. This includes: type of census, reference date, census questionnaires used, technical papers, reports, and links to the national census websites. More content and interactive services for registered users will be added in the future to the UNECE Census Wiki, also in connection with the preparatory work for the 2020 round of censuses and the revision of the CES Recommendations.

Document Title
INF.1Information NotePDF- 
Registration FormDOC- 
1/Add.1Tentative timetable (18 May)PDF-
2.Report of the meetingPDF
item 1b. Information session on the 2010 Round of Population and Housing Censuses
20.Overview of 2010 round of censuses in the UNECE region with focus on the use of registers (UNECE)PDF-PDFPPT
21.New developments in the 2010 round of censuses in terms of census methods and use of modern technologies, from a global perspective (UNSD)PDF-PPT
item 2. Full enumeration versus sample survey
3.The introduction of the American Community Survey and its benefits to the 2010 Census (USA)PDFPDFPDFPPTX
4.Full enumeration or sample survey? (CIS-STAT)PDFPDFPDFPPTX
14.Modern census in Poland (Poland)PDF -PPTX
17.Transition from traditional census to sample survey? (Experience from Population and Housing Census 2011) (Slovakia)PDF -PPTX
item 3. Access to microdata
9.Plans for access to United Kingdom microdata from 2011 census (UK)PDFPDFPDFPPTX
10.Place of Work Census Anonymised Records. Irish Census of Population (Ireland)  PDFPDFPDF
18.IPUMS - International and Integrated European Census' Microdata Projects reduce risks of managing trans-border access and add significant valuePDF-PDFPDF
item 4. Address/dwelling listing
5.Experience with address lists and other preliminary work (Italy)PDFPDFPDFPPT
11.Building the address register for the 2011 Census – England and Wales (UK)PDF-PDFPPTX
15.Dwelling and Building Register Based on Municipal Taxation List – Quality and Distinctiveness (Israel)PDF-PDF
19.2010 Population and Housing census in Mexico. Embedding the building list as a basisi for the generation of the dwelling inventory (Mexico)PDF-PDF
item 5. Internet data collection
6.Internet data collection in the Canadian census of population (Canada)PDFPDFPDFPPT
7.The web-based information system of the Italian Population Census (Italy)PDFPDFPDFPPT
8.2011 Census in Portugal - Implementation of the e-Census system (Portugal)PDFPDFPDFPPTX
12.2011 Census for England and Wales: Internet Data Capture (United Kingdom)PDF-PDFPPT
13.Internet data collection in the 2011 Population and Housing Census in the Czech Republic (Czech Republic)PDF-PDFPPT
16.Internet data collection in 2011. Poluation and housing census in Lithuania (Lithuania)PDF-PPT
22.Development of internet survey method in Japan (Japan)PDF