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Workshop on Waste Statistics

11 - 13 April 2012


Document Title
INF.1 Information Note DOC DOC 
Provisional agenda PDF PDF   
Timetable PDF PDF
Report of the meeting PDF PDF
Waste questionnaire / Вопросник по отходам
Albania PDF
Armenia PDF
Azerbaijan PDF
Belarus PDF
Bosnia and Herzegovina PDF
Georgia PDF
Kazakhstan PDF
Kyrgyzstan PDF
Montenegro PDF
Republic of Moldova PDF
Russian Federation PDF
Serbia PDF
Tajikistan PDF
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia PDF
Ukraine PDF
Uzbekistan PDF
Background documents
UN Statistics Division (UNSD)
UNSD questionnaire on environment statistics/Section: Waste PDF PDF
European Neighbourhood Partnership Instrument (Eastern Region)
Waste classification approach (ENPI EAST) PDF
Instructions on recording and submission of waste and waste management data and information (ENPI EAST) PDF
Review of waste classification procedures (ENPI EAST) - full paper
Review of waste classification procedures (ENPI EAST) - executive summary
Review of waste classification procedures (ENPI EAST) - extract
Basel Convention
Basel convention Article 1 and Annexes PDF
EU legislation
European List of Wastes PDF PDF
European Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC PDF
Manual on Waste Statistics (currently under revision) PDF
Supplement to the Manual on Waste Statistics PDF
  • Waste Statistics Regulation - Regulation 2150/2002/EC
  • Waste Statistics Regulation - Regulation (EU) No 849/2010 amending Regulation 2150/2002/EC
  • Waste Statistics Regulation - Overview of the changes in Annexes I and II of Regulation 2150/2002/EC as amended by Regulation (EU) No 849/2010
European Waste Shipment Regulation No 1013/2006 PDF
System of classification and labelling of chemicals PDF
Municipal Waste Management in Accession Countries (Eurostat) PDF
International Energy Agency
Energy statistics manual PDF PDF
Conversion coefficients
Example from EstoniaPDFPDF
Example from Germany (Bavaria)PDFPDF
Example from the Netherlands (conversion factors m3 -> kg)PDFPDF
Session 1. Trends in waste generation and management in Europe - EEAPDFPDF
Session 1. Country experience, industrial waste - UK DEFRAPDFPDF
Session 1. UNSD Questionnaire - Generation of waste by economic activitiesPDFPDF
Session 1. European waste statistics - EurostatPDFPDF
Session 2. Country experience, municipal waste - UK DEFRAPDFPDF
Session 2. UNSD Questionnaire - Municipal waste generation and managementPDFPDF
Session 2. Municipal waste statistics - EurostatPDFPDF
Session 3. Country experience - CroatiaPDFPDF
Session 3. Country experience - Russian Federation PDFPDF
Session 3. UNECE Questionnaire Table 1 and 2a - SummaryPDFPDF
Session 4. Transboundary movement of hazardous waste - Basel Convention PDFPDF
Session 4. Transboundary shipments/Data based on EWL - European Topic CenterPDFPDF
Session 4. Hazardous waste - Statistics NetherlandsPDFPDF
Session 4. UNSD Questionnaire - Methodology for calculating hazardous wastePDFPDF
Session 5. European waste classification - UK Environment AgencyPDFPDF
Session 5. Waste classification approaches - ENPI EastPDFPDF
Session 5. Country experience - Ukraine PDFPDF
Session 6. Country experience - Kyrgyzstan PDFPDF
Session 6. Country experience - Belarus PDFPDF
Session 6. UNECE Questionnaire Table 2b and 3 - SummaryPDFPDF
Session 7. Renewables and Waste - International Energy AgencyPDFPDF
Session 7. Treatment of waste - Statistics NetherlandsPDFPDF
Session 7. UNSD Questionnaire - Conceptual issues on waste reuse and recyclingPDFPDF
Session 8. Summary of key issues and challenges in the region PDFPDF