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Statistical dissemination, communication and publications

Review paper by the CES Steering Group on Statistical Dissemination and Communication

In-depth review on statistical dissemination and communication

The Bureau reviewed statistical dissemination, communication and publications in October 2009 to identify areas where the international statistical community could assist national statistical organizations. The Bureau decided that work should be undertaken to improve statistical literacy.

Outcome of the review

In 2012 UNECE published a Guide to Improving statistical literacy as part 4 of the series Making Data Meaningful.

The Guide to communicating with the media  (issued in 2004), Part 3 of the series Making data meaningful, was also substantially revised.

Related initiatives

The International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS) has carried out an international statistical literacy project, and Eurostat had also related activities in the Eurostat Sponsorship on Communication.

In 2014, the Conference of European Statisticians had a seminar on What is the value of official statistics and how do we communicate this value, and asked the work on modernisation of statistical production and services to share best practices and develop common tools and solutions in this area.


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