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Task Force on Waste Statistics

Contact person: Mr. Michael Nagy

  • Identify in a systematic way the most important policy needs on waste statistics (including SDGs, Green Growth, etc.), map them with existing statistics and carry out a gap-analysis (how “fit for purpose” waste statistics are and what needs to be developed);
  • Define the scope of official waste statistics and clarify important system boundaries;
  • Develop a conceptual framework for waste statistics, and describe its links to other relevant frameworks and statistical domains (such as FDES, SEEA, SDG indicators, Green Growth, circular economy, Driving-force-Pressure-State-Impact-Response (DPSIR) framework, agriculture and water statistics, etc.);
  • Map the waste statistics framework with existing official statistics and identify parts which should become part of official statistics in the future;
  • Draft a glossary of key terms and definitions, based on those being used in current data collection on waste statistics; and
  • Identify concrete follow-up activities focused on specific areas of waste statistics to support the implementation of the framework.


    Terms of Reference (February 2017)

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