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Recommendations on Climate Change-Related Statistics (December 2014)

These first ever Recommendations on Climate Change-Related Statistics are aimed at improving existing official statistics to support climate change analysis and reporting on greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.  ...
Conference of European Statisticians recommendations on measuring sustainable development (December 2013)

The last two decades have seen a proliferation of methods and indicators to measure sustainable development. Many countries and organizations have adopted sustainable development indicator sets to track progress towards  ...
Guide on Impact of globalization on national accounts (May 2012)

Globalization is a growing phenomenon that affects the compilation of familiar national accounts indicators and related source statistics. This Guide for the first time provides comprehensive guidance for both producers  ...
Measuring Sustainable Development  (December 2009)

Readmore (2.6 MB) (2009)
Economic Globalization - A Challenge for Official Statistics (December 2008)

Readmore (1.1 MB) (2008) Proceedings of the Joint EFTA/UNECE/SSCU Seminar
Assessment of Capacity for Countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia to Produce MDG-relevant Statistics (December 2008)

Readmore it is available in English (2.3 MB) and  ...
Rural Households' Livelihood and Well-Being - Statistics on Rural Development and Agriculture Household Income (Wye Group Handbook (December 2007)

Readmore (Wye Group Handbook , 2007)
The Millenium Development Goals - The Way Ahead. A Pan-European Perspective  (December 2006)

Readmore (3.0 MB) (2006)