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Guidelines on the use of statistical business registers for business demography and entrepreneurship statistics (January 2019)

The Guidelines provide practical guidance on how to develop and maintain statistical business registers to support the production of business demography and entrepreneurship statistics. The Guidelines contain definitions and compilation  ...
Handbook on Measuring Quality of Employment (October 2015)

Employment is at the centre of most people's lives, and the quality of an individual's employment is an important element of his or her well-being. At the same time, labour  ...
Guidelines on Statistical Business Registers (August 2015)

The statistical business register plays a central role in the production of economic statistics. Both in terms of the way the statistics are produced and in terms of the content  ...
Practical Guide to Seasonal Adjustment With Demetra+ (January 2012)

This practical guide is the result of UNECE capacity‐building activities in economic statistics for the countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. It suggests an overall process for performing  ...
Canberra Group Handbook on Household Income Statistics, 2nd edition (January 2012)

This second edition of the handbook, prepared under the auspices of the Bureau of the Conference of European Statisticians, updates the original edition published in 2001. It reflects new international  ...
Measuring Capital - Beyond the Traditional Measures  (December 2008)

Read more (1.0 MB) (2008) Proceedings of the Seminar Session of the 2007 Conference  ...