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Workshop on Statistics for SDGs

28 - 28 April 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the workshop in Budapest was replaced by a webinar.
 Document Title
Webinar: Data transmission and regional reporting
Tuesday, 28 April, 15:00 - 17:00 CET Time
Webinar Agenda ENG
NEW - Webinar recordingsENG
Speakers and description of webinarENG
Challenges and solutions in data transmission and reporting for SDGs
 SDMX - an introduction and overview of the SDMX working group and tools and platforms available (UNSD and Office for National Statistics, U.K.) ENG ENG RUS
 The Global SDG indicators database and the SDGLab (UNSD) ENG
 UNSD DataLab - France pilot transmission results and considerations (INSEE, France) ENG
 Using SDMX and Data Structure Definition (DSD) for data transmission (NSC, Kyrgyzstan) ENG ENG RUS
 Challenges and considerations in developing the NRP for further data transmission through SDMX (Institute of Statistics, Spain) ENG ENG RUS
 Work and outputs to support SDG reporting (Task Team on Data Transmission (TTDT)) ENG
 Background papers
 Eurasian Economic Union: first results of monitoring the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Region ENG RUS
 On-going SDG monitoring in the CIS region (CIS-STAT) ENG RUS

Report of the workshop ENG