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Expert Meeting on Statistics for SDGs

15 - 16 April 2019



 Document Title
Provisional Programme  ENG
Invitation Letter PDF -- ----
Report ENG -- ----
Session 1 - Purpose and objectives of the meeting
Goals and approach of the Expert Meeting (Statistics Poland) -- -- ENG--
Monitoring SDGs indicators in the CIS region (CIS-STAT) ENGRUS
Session 2 - Coordination of Data Flows for Global SDG statistics
UNSC Implementation Guidelines on Data Flows for SDGs (Germany) ENG RUS
Practical suggestions from the UNECE CES Second Data Flow Pilot Study (France) ENG RUS
Developing a Swiss network for the IAEG indicators (Switzerland) ENG RUS
Sharing our experiences of exploring SDMX (UK) ENG RUS
New Task Team on Data Transmission ENG RUS
FAO comments on Data Flow Case Studies & proposal for a Global Data Validation Process ENG
Session 3 - Effective Communication of SDG statistics
Results of the survey by the Task Team on Communications (U.K.)
Experiences with national communications of SDGs - Ireland's innovative approach using geospatial visualisation ENG RUS
Experience of Belarus in the dissemination of SDGs at the national level ENG RUS
Experiences with communications of SDGs at international level (Austria) ENG RUS
WHO Impact Framework ENG
Session 4 - Statistical Capacity Development for the SDGs and beyond 
Statistical capacity development for SDGs and beyond (Italy) ENG
Capacity development activities by various stakeholders in the region (UNECE)
 - Tackling the future (Serbia) ENG RUS
Session 5 - National SDG indicators
Country experiences with national SDG indicator lists
- Finland ENG RUS
- Portugal ENG RUS
- Romania ENG --
Session 6 - Second edition of the Road Map for Statistics on SDGs
2nd Edition: objective, proposed contents and enhancements (UNECE)
Session 7 - The Way Forward - Principal conclusions and action items