Intermodal Transport

Рабочая группа по интермодальным перевозкам и логистике (WP.24 и ее предшественники) с 1951 г. является форумом для обмена технической, правовой и методической информацией, а также передовым опытом в области комбинированных и интермодальных перевозок на общеевропейском уровне. 

Эта работа готовит почву для методических рекомендаций и для проведения переговоров и администрирования многосторонних правовых документов.

Ее целью является содействие развитию комбинированных и интермодальных перевозок в 56 государствах-членах ЕЭК ООН и обеспечение максимального использования оборудования, инфраструктуры и терминалов, используемых для таких перевозок.



31 October 2016
On 31st October, back-to-back to its 59th session, the Working Party on Intermodal Transport and Logistics will hold a workshop on "Promoting sustainable intermodal transport through innovative solutions" (the draft programme for the workshop can be found HERE). The agenda for the main session is available HERE, the documents for the session can be viewed HERE and the presentations for the workshop "Promoting sustainable intermodal transport through innovating solutions" HERE.

13 November 2015
On 30th November, back-to-back to its 58th session, the Working Party on Intermodal Transport and Logistics will hold a workshop on "Intermodality leads to sustainability" (programme)

28 August 2015
UNECE has today published on its website the Arabic, Chinese and Russian translations of the Code of Practice on the Packing of Containers (the CTU Code). These join the English, French and Spanish versions already available on the CTU Code homepage.

16 January 2015
The 57th session of WP.24 was held on 10-11 November 2014. The agenda, report, and working documents for the session are now available.

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Terminology on Combined Transport

This publication lists the principal terms used in combined transport or related to it. All the definitions referring specifically to the geographical framework of Europe may be applied to other regions of the world. They are intended for the work of the three intergovernmental organizations who have created this compilation: the- European Union (EU), the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) and the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE).