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Regulatory Cooperation

A product’s technical features need to be in compliance with technical regulations that define safety and health requirements. Because each country has unique needs and circumstances, technical regulations could never be valid for the whole world. But different norms and different ways of applying them also mean high costs! Business needs to study and understand the rules, tailor the merchandise accordingly, and fulfil complex procedures to prove compliance. We in UNECE believe that exporting a product should not be like navigating a complicated maze! This is why we encourage countries to share concerns and best practice. Our aim is better and convergent regulations and minimum barriers to trade.


UNECE recommendations promote regulatory cooperation in:

Group of experts:

Under the auspices of the WP. 6, two groups of experts actively work to promote regulatory cooperation:

Cooperation with RSPP

UNECE WP. 6 actively cooperates with the Task Force on Technical Regulations (TF 8) of the EU-Russia Industrialists’ Round Table (RSPP)

RSSP-TF8 is a business platform composed of leaders of companies from the EU and Russia, with participation by authorities and standards bodies of the two regions. Established in 1997, it has prepared specific recommendations for the approximation of the Regulatory Systems of Russia and the European Union, which were officially launched at a conference in Moscow in March 2013 (Press Release)

The work of the TF8- IRT has built on work carried out through Working Groups of Russian and European experts both on horizontal issues (standardization, accreditation, conformity assessment, market surveillance) and on vertical ones (sectors of particular interest, including equipment for environments with an explosive atmosphere, pipelines, etc).