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Data Maintenance Requests forms

UN/EDIFACT (the United Nations rules for Elec­tronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport) comprise a set of internationally agreed standards, directo­ries, and guidelines for the electronic interchange of structured data, between independent computerized information systems.

The process to create, modify and/or delete UN/EDIFACT Standard Messages (UNSMs) is made through the submission of change requests, and code requests to the UN/EDIFACT Secretariat. Necessary information should be filled-in the Data Maintenance Request forms that are listed below.

The UN/EDIFACT Data Maintenance Request (DMR) submission procedures detail how message developers should prepare their requests to effect changes against directories.

Submission Procedures

  1. DMRs may be originated by individuals, organisations, associations, consortiums, etc.
  2. The requester selects the applicable DMR form for submission using one of the DMR forms below.  The choice of form used by the requester is dependent upon the type of DMR.  The forms range from a new Code Request to a request for a United Nations Standard Message (UNSM).     
  3. It is recommended that the latest published (or latest available to the submitter) UN/EDIFACT directory shall be used as the basis for raising the DMR.
  4. The submitter forwards the DMR to the Secretariat, and it is processed according to the procedures.  It is recommended that the request should first be reviewed by a regional or national standards body and/or group, as appropriate, but this is not a firm requirement.

 Code Request Procedures

  1. A code DMR can contain multiple code requests as long as they are all for the same data element.


Data Maintenance Requests forms

To submit DMRs, please download the forms below and follow the Guidance on how to fill-in