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Nomination of candidates TIRExB 2019-2020

17 December 2018

Having solicited candidates who wish to stand for election as members of the TIR Executive Board (see news of 7 November 2018), the secretariat is reproducing below a list of all candidates nominated by Contracting Parties to the TIR Convention (in English alphabetical order):

  • Mr. Sergey AMELYANOVICH (Russian Federation)
  • Mr. Mostafa AYATI (Islamic Republic of Iran)
  • Mr. Marco CIAMPI (Italy)
  • Mrs. Didem DIRLIK SONGÜR (Turkey)
  • Mr. Pierre-Jean LABORIE (European Commission)
  • Mr. Hugo Richard MAYER (Austria)
  • Mr. Sergii SOMKA (Ukraine)
  • Mrs. Elisaveta TAKOVA (Bulgaria)
  • Mr. Farid VALIYEV (Azerbaijan)

The TIRExB election will take place during the sixty-ninth session of the TIR Administrative Committee (Geneva, 7 February 2019, as of 10.00 hours, Room XII). The election procedure, adopted by the TIR Administrative Committee, is contained in Informal document WP.30/AC.2 No. 1 (2019) (English, French and Russian).