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Population and migration

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Getting the facts right (December 2013)

Metadata are data that define or describe other data. Metadata are essential for interpreting data and making meaningful comparisons over time and between countries. This is particularly so for reporting on Millennium  ...
Measuring population and housing (December 2013)

This publication reviews the practices followed by countries in the UNECE region (covering Europe, Central Asia and North America) during the 2010 round of population and housing censuses. The aim is to  ...
Survey Module for Measuring Health State (November 2012)

This document contains a set of questions on health state, to enable the production of internationally comparable measurements for this topic. It reflects the work of the Budapest Initiative Task  ...
Review of Sources and Quality of Statistics on International Migration (January 2012)

The 2006 High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development at the United Nations General Assembly concluded that international migration could play an important role in national development, provided that it  ...
Measurement of emerging forms of families and households (January 2012)

In recent decades, families, households and living arrangements have gone through major changes in Europe and North America. In particular, the patterns of family formation, dissolution and reconstitution have become  ...
Statistics on International Migration (November 2011)

Migration is a powerful driver and important consequence of economic, political and social change. Because of its great impact on societies, migration needs to be adequately measured and understood. Reliable  ...
Guidelines for Exchanging Data to Improve Emigration Statistics (December 2010)

Data on emigration tend to be far less reliable than data on immigration, because of the difficulty to record departures. How could this problem be overcome? This publication explores  ...
Training videos on population censuses and gender statistics (December 2010)

Developing Gender Statistics: A Practical Tool (December 2010)

This manual has been developed as part of the UNECE and World Bank Institute project on engendering national statistical systems. It was prepared by the UNECE Task  ...
Measuring Population and Housing - Practices of UNECE Countries in the 2000 Round of Censuses (December 2008)

Readmore it is available in English (4.2 MB) and  ...
Register-based Statistics in the Nordic Countries - Review of Best Practices with Focus on Population and Social Statistics (December 2007)

Readmore it is available in English (2.7 MB) and  ...
Conference of European Statisticians Recommendations for the 2010 Censuses of Population and Housing (December 2006)

Readmore it is available in English (2.4 MB), French (3.0 MB) and Russian (4.2 MB) (2006)
Recommendations for the 2000 Censuses of Population and Housing in the ECE Region (December 1998)

Readmore it is available in English,  ...

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