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Global manufacturing

Review paper by the Netherlands

In-depth review on global manufacturing

The Bureau reviewed global manufacturing in November 2011, and considered globalization as a core area of work for CES. They saw a need to address the unresolved conceptual issues arising from the 2008 SNA and the 6th edition of the Balance of Payments Manual.

Outcome of the review

The Bureau set up a Task Force on Global Production and a Steering Group on national accounts.

The draft guide has been discussed at expert meetings of the Group of Experts on National Accounts, for example on 6-9 May 2014 and in an  interim meeting on global production on  3-4 April 2013. The draft guide is being finalised for submitting it to the CES for endorsement in 2015.

Related initiatives

Eurostat set up a Task Force on goods sent abroad for processing in 2011 to study the main consequences of the new treatment of goods sent abroad for processing, identify the need for new data sources; to promote the exchange of experiences and to propose some practical solutions to the main difficulties encountered during its work. The Task Force on global production works in close cooperation with this group.


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