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Road Map - Republic of Moldova

From 22 to 24 June, UNECE’s Population unit met with representatives of the Government of the Republic of Moldova in Chisinau, as well as with a wide range of stakeholders, to discuss the findings and recommendations of the ‘Road Map for Mainstreaming Ageing in Moldova’.  

This project, initiated in 2010, involved a comprehensive assessment of the situation of older persons in Moldova, and of the inclusion of issues pertaining to older persons in all areas of policy.  Through desk reviews and field studies involving consultation with ministries, NGOs, academics, older persons, United Nations offices and agencies, businesses and media, the project team has developed a set of recommendations to help Moldova achieve the goal of ‘mainstreaming ageing’, a key commitment of the 2002 UNECE Regional Implementation Strategy of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing.

After reviewing the draft report and recommendations, UNECE and the Moldovan partners in the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family agreed to develop a detailed plan of action to ensure that the recommendations are implemented.  The action plan will identify those responsible for carrying out each task, and will define time frames and indicators for monitoring achievement.  The final Road Map will then be presented for approval in conjunction with Moldova’s National Strategy for Demographic Security.

Eleven per cent of Moldova’s 3.6 million people are aged over 65, and this is projected to rise to almost 19 per cent by 2030 (as against current levels of 13 per cent in the Russian Federation, 17 per cent in France, and 20 per cent in Germany and Italy).  As the poorest country in Europe, still contending with the challenges of economic and political transition and meanwhile facing large-scale emigration of the working-age population, it will not be easy for Moldova to adjust to the ageing of its population.  The draft Road Map recommends that the needs of an ageing society be considered not only in terms of pensions but also in relation to the labour market, education, health, social, cultural and political participation, and intergenerational solidarity.  By mainstreaming ageing into all areas in this way, it is argued, the challenges will more easily be met in an equitable, sustainable and socially-inclusive way.

The Road Map report is due to be finalized later in 2011 and will be made available on this page as soon as it is completed.

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