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Second Meeting of Working Group on Ageing

23 - 24 November 2009

Geneva, Switzerland


The Working Group met for its second meeting in Geneva, on 23 and 24 November 2009. During the meeting progress has been reported on the implementation of the Working Group’s programme of work, in particular on the launch of a series of policy briefs on Ageing. Drawn from the latest insights in research, the briefs highlight strategies for policymakers and offer good practice examples for the variety of policy contexts found in the UNECE region. Also the progress made on the project “Road Map on Ageing of Armenia” has been presented in this meeting.

A further highlight of the meeting was an in-depth-discussion on intergenerational relationships, which has been enriched by a key note speech on this topic and by examples of good practices presented by national focal points.



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Agenda item 3 - Intergenerational relationships: in-depth discussion
Keynote presentation - Ms Pearl Dykstra
Armenia - Ms Anahit Martirosyan
Czech Republic- Mr Petr Wija
Finland - Ms Païvi Voutilainen
Italy - Mr Pietro Checcucci
Poland - Ms Joanna Maciejewska
Portugal - Ms Rute Guerra
Spain - Mr Manuel Montero Rey
Sweden - Mr Niclas Jacobson
HelpAge - Ms Eppu Mikkonen-Jeanneret
Agenda item 4 a - Implementation of work programme - Policy briefs with good practice examples
UNECE - Ms Viviane Brunne
UNECE - Ms Stefanie Bluth - Health Promotion and Prevention of Disease
UNECE - Ms Stefanie Bluth - Life-Long Learning
Agenda item 4 b - Monitoring implementation
ECV - Mr Bernd Marin and Ms Eszter Zólyomi
Georgia - Ms Ketevan Goginashvili
Agenda item 4 c - Capacity development
Armenia - Ms Anahit Martirosyan
UNECE - Ms Viviane Brunne
Moldova - Ms Larissa Rotaru



 Document Title   ENG FRERUS
Annotated provisional agenda
Report on the meeting of the Bureau of the Working Group on Ageing
Implementation of the work programme
Intergenerational relationships in ageing societies
List of participants
Informal Documents
Draft policy brief on lifelong learning
Draft policy brief on health promotion and prevention of disease
Mainstreaming ageing: indicators to monitor implementation

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